LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents A Lalo Schifrin Affair by Sebastien Micheletti, Ethel Lindsey, David Lucarotti & DiMano

    #6 LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents A Lalo Schifrin Affair by Sebastien Micheletti, Ethel Lindsey, David Lucarotti & DiMano by LATE NIGHT DREAM
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Composer, pianist and conductor, Lalo Schifrin is a true "Renaissance artist", whose talent has largely contributed to the musical vocabulary of the twentieth century.
Although best known for his film and television music, this composer and pianist also had a historic impact on the world of jazz and classical music.
This podcast traces part of his work: a great name in film music and author of the renowned musical themes of Mission Impossible and Dirty Harry, known around the world.
Through these famous themes, familiar to all, and his varied and multicultural compositions, Lalo Schifrin is a legend ...

Immensely talented, Argentinian born pianist, conductor and composer who has written over 100 scores for both television & the cinema including the memorable themes to Mission impossible (1966), Mannix (1967), Starsky et Hutch (1975 1977), Luke the cold hand (1967), and Bullitt (1968). Schifrin has regularly worked alongside Clint Eastwood (another jazz music aficionado) on numerous contributions including the theme's to all the Dirty Harry films, plus Joe Kidd (1972) and A Sheriff in New York (1968). During his illustrious career, Schifrin has received four Grammy Awards, and has received six Oscar nominations.

Schifrin received his classical music training in both Argentina & France, and is a highly respected jazz pianist. On moving back to Buenos Aires in the mid 1950s, Schifrin formed his own big band, and was noticed by jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, who asked him to become his pianist and arranger. Schifrin moved to the United States in 1958 and his career really began to take off. In addition to his jazz and cinema compositions, he has conducted the London Philarmonic Orchestra, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angelas Philarmonic, the Los Angelas Chamber Orchestra and many others.

01.Mission Impossible (Theme TV Soundtrack)
02.The Man From Thrush (Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) An M-G-M–nbc Television Series
03.Magnum Force Theme
04.The School Bus (Dirty Harry)
05.Liquor Store Holdup (Dirty Harry)
06.Theme from Mannix (TV Soundtrack)
07.Palancio (Dirty Harry)
08.The Aftermath Of Love (Bullitt)
09.Amityville Frenzy
10.Machinations (Most Wanted)
11.Bullitt (Main Title)
12.Lalo Schifrin - Main title (Joe Kidd)
13.Jim On The Move (Mission Impossible TV Soundtrack)
14.Williams On The Run (Enter The Dragon)
15.Most Wanted Theme
16.Cantata For Combo (Bullitt)
17.Theme From Enter The Dragon
18.Shifting Gears (Bullitt)
19.Ice Pick Mike (Bullitt)
20.Theme From Jaws
21.Ape Shuffle (Most Wanted)
22.Main Title (Dirty Harry)
23.Dirty Harry's Creed
24.On The Way To San Mateo (Bullitt)
25.Rollercoaster (Most Wanted)
26.Escape From Tomorrow (Most Wanted)
27.Dirty Harry (Most Wanted)
28.Secret Code (Most Wanted)
29.A Frenzy Fighting (Enter The Dragon)
30.Dona Donna (Most Wanted)
31.Hotel Daniels (Bullitt)
32.The Cat (From The M-G-M Motion Picture Joy House)
33.Mannix (End Game TV Soundtrack)
34.Room ''26'' (Bullitt)
35.Bullitt (End Title)
36.Dirty Harry - Trailer (Bonus)


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    4:30   Lalo Schifrin - The Man From Thrush
    6:30   Lalo Schifrin - Magnum Force Theme
    8:30   Lalo Schifrin - The School Bus
    10:30   Lalo Schifrin - Liquor Store Holdup
    11:30   Lalo Schifrin - Mannix (Extended Version)
    16:00   Lalo Schifrin - Palancio
    21:00   Lalo Schifrin - The Aftermath of Love
    22:30   Lalo Schifrin - Amityville Frenzy
    27:30   Lalo Schifrin - Machinations
    30:00   Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt
    35:00   Lalo Schifrin - Venice After Dark
    37:00   Lalo Schifrin - Jim On The Move
    44:30   Lalo Schifrin - Cantata For Combo
    47:30   Lalo Schifrin - Theme From Enter The Dragon
    51:00   Lalo Schifrin - Shifting Gears
    55:00   Lalo Schifrin - Ice Pick Mike
    1:01:30   Various Artists - Ape Shuffle
    1:04:30   Lalo Schifrin - Main Title
    1:08:00   Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry's Creed
    1:12:00   Lalo Schifrin - On The Way To San Mateo
    1:14:00   Lalo Schifrin - Rollercoaster
    1:20:30   Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry
    1:23:30   Lalo Schifrin - Secret Code
    1:32:30   Lalo Schifrin - Hotel Daniels
    1:35:00   Lalo Schifrin - The Cat
    1:37:30   Lalo Schifrin - Endgame
    1:40:00   Lalo Schifrin - Room "25"
    1:45:30   Larry Groupé - The Ultimate Cause

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