LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents A Kind of Jazz by DiMano & David Lucarotti S2EP10320kbit/s

    LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents A Kind of Jazz by DiMano & David Lucarotti S2EP10 by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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New episode of "AKOJ" with always the same recipe all the colours and facets of jazz, covers with Penny Goodwin "What's Goin On", Carmen Mcrae "Can't Hide Love", Miles Davis classics "Round Midnight", John Coltrane Quartet, jazz rock, jazz funk and soul jazz fusion, New and exclusive with Madjazz Collective "Five Rappers" which fuses the genres between funk and hip-hop with jazz as its main influence, the collective will release their full EP in the spring of 2020, including a jazz / hip-hop track "Up in Three", an Arabic jazz / rap track "Wake Up" and an Afrobeat song to conclude the six-track EP with lyrics in Lingala, a language spoken in Congo. ... to discover also an extract from the new album of the emblematic singer-trumpet player of the Japanese scene Toku with already twelve albums to his credit with Sony Japan ... Toku "TOKU IN PARIS" new album with the title "I Think I love You" released on January 24th in partnership between Sony Japan and the label Jazz Eleven.

01.Tetes de Pois - Sparks Fly
02.The Cheebacabra - A Casual Encounter
03.Erika Scherlin and Papik - I Feel Fine
04.Rotary Connection Feat. Minnie Ripperton - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
05.Gino Vannelli - Brother To Brother
06.Alan Scaffardi - Shine Sun
07.Jeff Beck - Come Dancing
08.Madjazz Collective - Five Rappers
09.Lehmanns Brothers - I Wanna Be (Radio Edit)
10.Kevyn Lettau - Walking in your Footsteps
11.Magic In Threes - Takes 10 Minutes
12.Ted Coleman Band - If We Took the Time (Where Do We Go from Here)
13.Penny Goodwin - What's Goin On
14.Steps Ahead - Beirut
15.Miles Davis - Round Midnight
16.Huey Lewis & The News - Small World (Part Two)
17.Lincoln Briney - Further to Fly
18.Mingus Big band - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
19.12 Senses - Touch
20.Bob Berg & Mike Stern - Chromazone
21.Stanley Clarke & Herbie Hancock - Basketball
22.Jaco Pastorius & Bireli lagrene - Stuttgart Aria Part 1
23.Jaco Pastorius & Bireli lagrene - Stuttgart Aria Part 2
24.Koinonia - Chuncho
25.Snarky Puppy - Lingus (We Like It Here)
26.John Coltrane Quartet - I Wish I Knew
27.Carmen Mcrae - Can't Hide Love
28.Tok Tok Tok - Get Away
29.The Rebirth - Got Your Madness (Unreleased Extended Version)
30.Toku - I Think I love You

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    0:30   Têtes de Pois - Sparks Fly
    4:30   The Cheebacabra - A Casual Encounter
    7:00   Papik - I Feel Fine
    11:00   Minnie Riperton - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
    16:30   Gino Vannelli - Brother To Brother
    24:00   Alan Scaffardi - Shine Sun
    27:30   Jeff Beck - Come Dancing
    33:00   Madjazz Collective - 5 Rappers (feat. Brail Watson, Rondo & MC Deevie & De Kappiting) feat. Brail Watson,Rondo,MC Deevie & De Kappiting
    36:30   Lehmanns Brothers - I Wanna Be
    40:00   Kevyn Lettau - Walking In Your Footsteps
    43:00   Magic in Threes - Takes 10 Minutes
    46:00   Ted Coleman Band - If We Took the Time
    49:30   Ted Coleman Band - If We Took The Time
    50:30   M. Gaye - What's Goin On
    56:00   Steps Ahead - Beirut
    1:04:30   Miles Davis - 'Round Midnight
    1:11:30   Huey Lewis & The News - Small World (Part Two)
    1:12:30   Huey Lewis & The News - Small World (Single Edit)
    1:14:00   ??????????? - ????????????
    1:19:00   Mingus Big Band - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
    1:29:00   12 Senses - Touch
    1:34:30   Mike Stern - Chromazone
    1:42:00   Herbie Hancock - Basketball
    1:46:00   Biréli Lagrène - Stuttgart Aria I
    1:54:00   Biréli Lagrène - Stuttgart Aria II
    2:03:30   Koinonia - Chuncho
    2:10:00   Snarky Puppy - Lingus
    2:20:30   John Coltrane - I Wish I Knew
    2:24:30   Carmen Mcrae - Can't Hide Love
    2:28:30   tok tok tok - Get Away
    2:30:30   Tokunbo Akinro - Get Away
    2:35:00   The Rebirth - Got Your Madness (CD Edit)
    2:43:30   Toku - I Think I Love You

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