Painting is something where everyone can show their creativeness. It has been through centuries and people still love this art. Earlier, only the rich use to hire painters for portraits but now everyone can be a painter.

All they need is colors, a brush and a paper, and they can begin their journey. But this trend is slowly decreasing with the emerging trend of glow in the dark paints.

If you have never heard about them, don’t worry you soon will. They, as their name suggests glow in the dark. Now, you must be wondering - What new here, just insert an LED and you are done!

But that’s not the case as these paints glow on their own, just like the Firefly, except that it doesn’t twinkle. One common difference you will find is that most glow paints are neutral in the day, but glow in the dark.

By neutral I mean, they are hardly visible in the day, translucent to be precise. But they are even harder to view on dark surfaces.

Now, let’s come back to the question - What makes glow in the dark paint

Like, how are they so special? Is there some magic portion or what.

Basically, they are made from two major components - Acrylic paint(clear one) and Glow pigments(Phosphors).

You must be familiar with acrylic paints, the ones kids use to paint stuff. But the acrylic I am talking about is the clear one. Like, the one that can be mixed with something.

The glow pigments are basically phosphors. They have the ability to absorb light and release them slowly which results in glow.

These two elements when mixed properly can make a glow paint, but of course there are a lot more things, otherwise, everyone would make their own.

Now, how these paints glow and their duration is left for some other day. Visit - glowindarkpaint

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