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hello i am dj nosferatum and i am from belgium .Come and take a techno trip with me. To a land where love is free.Follow me into the light .Everything's gonna be allright. Just let go and take my hand. I will show you promised land.Come we go to la la land Where The music was new black polished chrome
And came over the summer like liquid night
The DJs took pills to stay awake and play for seven days come and Stay with me in this paradise , where the techno never stops and .... The XTC takes you hiiiiiiiiiiigh above the city. And let you flow on dj nosferatrum flipping beats. We are one. You are now. You can do anything you want. Are you ready to go all the way. Ok here we go.
dj nosferatrum was born in 1970. from the beginning he was passionate about music. in the eighties he started playing new wave. that's how he grew to a new beat dj.and in the 90's his dj career we called that music retro house,trance etc.
after this career he started playing techno and played at parties, cafes etc. today dj nosferatum is still a techno dj

    • 131 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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