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#KUTH115 is an episode including massive trancy heavyweights, so enjoy! :-)

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    0:20   Sunfire - Emotions
    6:20   Solarstone - Eyes Wide Open (Robert Nickson Remix) / Tony Anderson
    18:40   Patrick Dreama - Last Travel - Radio Edit
    19:40   Patrick Dreama - Last Travel - Original Mix
    21:40   Sophisticated - Epsilon
    26:20   Anbass - Nucleus
    31:20   Sam Laxton - Bliss (Extended Mix)
    37:00   Allen Watts & Katty Heath - Break Without The Pain - Radio Edit
    39:20   Allen Watts & Katty Heath - Break Without The Pain - Original Mix
    45:20   Andres Sanchez - Eternity - Original Mix
    46:20   Andres Sanchez - Eternity - Extended Mix
    47:20   Kiran M Sajeev - Outbreak
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    Trance, uplifting, uplifting trance, melodic trance, euphoric trance, vocal tance, tech trance, wao138, team140
    • Type: DJ-Set
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