1 Mastercue-High Stepps [FKR FrenchKiss]
2 KS French-Holla Love [ [FKR FrenchKiss]
3 P-Sol-ill Be Back Again [FKR FrenchKiss]
4 Dj Moar-Mellow Move [FKR FrenchKiss]
5 KS French-I Like Sunshine [FKR FrenchKiss]
6 KS French-Kill The Girls [FKR FrenchKiss]
7 Mastercue-Hang On [FKR FrenchKiss]
8 KS French-Hold Me Tight [Diggin Deeper Records]
9 Mastercue-Wanna Talk To You [Diggin Deeper Records]
10 KS French-Give You Up [FKR FrenchKiss]
11 Givenchhy & KS French-From The Heart [FKR FrenchKiss]
12 KS French-Get On Down [FKR FrenchKiss]
13 Givenchhy & KS French-Magic In Your Eyes [FKR FrenchKiss]
14 KS French-Dont Make Me Bad [FKR FrenchKiss]
15 Dj Moar-Funky Execution [Diggin Deeper Records]
16 KS French-Can Deny [FKR FrenchKiss]
17 Nicko & Disco B -Porn Sound [FKR FrenchKiss]
18 KS French-Back 4 More [FKR FrenchKiss]
19 KS French-Kiss For My love [FKR FrenchKiss]
20 KS French-Brown Soultrip [FKR FrenchKiss]
21 KS French-Think About Me [FKR FrenchKiss]
22 KS French-The Groove [Diggin Deeper Records]
23 KS French-Want You [FKR FrenchKiss]
24 LTJ-I Really Want You [FKR FrenchKiss]
25 Givenchhy & KS French-Left Lovers [FKR FrenchKiss]
26 KS French-Overdose [FKR FrenchKiss]
27 KS French-Next To You [FKR FrenchKiss]
28 KS French&Disco B-BlackStabbers [FKR FrenchKiss]
29 KS French-This Time I Know [FKR FrenchKiss]
30 KS French-What I Like [Diggin Deeper Records]
31 Mastercue-Get On Your Feet [FKR FrenchKiss]
32 KS French-Got To Be [FKR FrenchKiss]
33 KS French-BroadWay Star [FKR FrenchKiss]

    Disco, re-edits, disco
    • Type: DJ-Set
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