Kristof.T@Marquee show - 1019

Tracks Listing:

Data (Original Mix) - Eric Fetcher -
Cause 2 (Original Mix) - Tensal - PoleGroup
Fiorina 161 - Unbalance - Overbalance
Storm - Bily - INNSIGNN
Blind (Original Mix) - Alfredo Mazzilli
Primal Forest (Original Mix) - Moteka - Emphatic Records
Firefly (Original Mix) - Ian Axide - Emphatic Records
Random (Original Mix) - DeRidge - Ghara Records
There Is No Path (Dig-It Remix) - Ricardo Garduno
Seismic (Original Mix) - Andres Gil - DEAD CERT. Records
Lockout (Original Mix) - Norberto Lusso - Counter Pulse
Composite 0.11 - Edit Select;Mike Parker - Edit Select
Forming (Original Mix) - Michal Gutkowski - Gynoid Audio
The Other Side (Original Mix) - Larix - Gynoid Audio
Anomalie (Original Mix) - Phara - Planet Rhythm
Beatman - Klausgreen
Oblast (Original Mix) - Desroi - Desroi
Dominant Leak (DJ Scale Ripper Remix) - 3ToN - Techno Vinyls Records
Escape (From A Sticky Entity) (C-System Remix) - 3ToN - Techno Vinyls Records
Drop It (Kwartz Remix) - Denise Rabe - Rabe
Rentt - Temudo - EarToGround Records
Ingrained - Reggy van Oers - Affin
TP1 - Shifted Stroboscopic Artefacts
Clandestine (Original Mix) - Joaquin Ruiz - Abstraction
Veneno (Original Mix) - DJ Dextro - Naked Lunch Records
Dark Matter (Uun Remix) - Lex Gorrie - Sleaze Records
Thunder (Original Mix) - Svarog - A_Files
The Wipe (Terence Fixmer Revision 1) - Teste - Edit Select
Disconnecting - Kraust Sonido - Hypothalamus
Siren (Original Mix) - Sara Krin - Reload Records
Lichtstrahl (Original Mix) - Deepnaut - W & P Daniel Heredero
Destino Programado (Original Mix) -DAS (ARG)
Deal (Original Mix) - Rasser - Illegal Alien
Vulcano (Original) - WHT MOTH - REVOLT


Kristof.T from Brittany (France) developed his musical knowledge listening many different styles (Dub, Metal, Death Metal, Ambient, DubStep, Hip Hop, Trip Hop ).... Curious and eclectic, he finally became a death metal drummer.

In 1995, he radically changed his music orientation when he discovered techno to a famous techno party in his surroundings (Broceliande Forest).

Always looking for new sounds, he developed his own musical universe playing dark techno and speed dark techno. He began to play on various clubs and parties in his surroundings, created his own association called I.E.W.T (In Electro We Trust), All this bring him to the top of the underground scene.

During many years he managed his own radio shows, his radio shows were called: "KT-Broadcast", "Underground Klub Conspiracy", "Therapy for Hell" and "Beat of Darkness" on Fnoob Techno Radio.

He currently plays a lot on radios and web radios like :

Fnoob Techno Radio, Radio Klub, Art Style Techno Podcast, Trax Radio Uk, In Progress Radio, Underground Klub Conspiracy, Beat Of Darkness, Therapy For Hell, Hard & Indus Techno Room, Sound of Anarchy, Industrial Mind, Beat Movement, DTD Midnight Express, KT-Broadcast, Twenty1Five, Artin.P Broadcast, T030 Podcast, Cybernetic Podcast, Out of Control Podcast, Demolition Podcast, D.U.B.E Collabs, The Red Bastards, Bang Le'Dex Podcast, Bass Injection, League Of Darkness, PLanet Underground , T.E.S Radio, SULFUREX Techno Mix Session RPG , MAOFree Podcast, Frame Workxx Evolution, Techno Connection, AudioBeat Podcast, Techno Vibes, Underground Techno Show, Dark Illusions Podcast, Fanat3k Radio, Let's Play Tripping Music, Techno Paradize, Minimalton Seance Radio UK, Selected Techno session, Konfused Konfliction Radio Podcast, The Big Techno Theory Podcast, DHLC Radio, The big Techno Family podcast, Radio Impulse, Attic Vibes Radio, Marquee Show, Identify Radio, No Limit radio Show, laut-fm, Katarzis Records podcast, and many more....

You’re invited to discover this artist, well minded and sincerely generous, who offers you a full universe dedicated to Techno. Techno has changed his life, as it will change yours if you listen to it.

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    Underground Techno, Underground Techno, detroit techno, Hard Techno, dark techno, Techno, underground techno, Dub Techno
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 132 bpm
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