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Cosimo, better known as 'KoZY', produces a refreshing blend of Techno and Deep House... Deep Techno perhaps?
His music is inspired by the pioneering sounds of Juan Atkins and Derrick May, the energy in the productions of Jooris Voorn, the meticulous attention to detail apparent in the works of Format:B, and many more.

Born in Philly in 1987, he has travelled extensively and lived in Brussels (Belgium), Bratislava (Slovak Republic), and in Cambridge (United Kingdom) before settling in Rome (Italy) in 2009. His experience of different cultures and artistic traditions have lead him to produce tracks such as "Tunnel Seeker (Pocket Panther Rec.)" and "Unaltered Mind (Kroton Sound Rec.).

KoZY started Dj'ing in Bratislava in 2004 and soon discovered his passion for classic house, techno and strong basslines. Wanting to create his own sound, he studied audio and music technology for a few years and explored the electronic music scenes in both the UK and Italy. He started using programs such as Logic and Nuendo and has been producing on Ableton for the past 4 years.

Cosimo continues to produce in Rome (Italy); he has tracks signed with multiple record labels and regularly enjoys collaborations with a variety of local artists.

Stay tuned for his upcoming releases!

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