Frenchman KOROstyle is among the highest promising artists to join the Platform Music family. Sadyr Diouf's musical alias earned recognition on the Dubstep and Grime scene during 2014 with the release of 'SAI SAI' on wax for Section 8 Recordings. Followed by a couple of other successful releases, the youngster launched his debut 'Project: KOROkat' just a few days ago and is now ready for his Platform Music debut. The works of the Frenchman with Senegalese origin is a blend of everything that inspires him as an artist or has inspired him as a breakdancer and graffiti artist. Although he is directed towards the Grime and Dubstep sound, in KOROstyle's repertoire you will find hues of inspiration originating from numerous genres.

The 'Free Me’' EP consists of three tracks made in collaboration with Waeck and Gizella. The release kicks off on a chilled tip with the track 'Free Me', forming a minimalistic 140 bpm arrangement, nurtured by Gizelle's beautiful vocals. The two performers reappear in the second track, entitled 'Gateway'. The piece contains a tangible Grime touch, upon which, however, we enjoy the beautiful melancholy delivered by Gizella's lyrics. 'Rebellion', a joint track with Waeck, is a typical dubstep track with а dynamic layout and great depth. The release can be categorized as a combination between several genres with a diverse character, yet they all share a main drive concentrated in the low frequency music register. 'Free Me' ЕР is a great addition to Platform Music's catalogue, perfectly underlining the label's focus on new, freshly discovered, yet promising young artists and their boundary-breaking approach in 140 bpm music.

    DnB, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Vocal, Heavy, Neuro, Bass, KOROstyle, Gizella, Platform, music
    • Version: Original
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 04/03/2017 09:04
    • 140 bpm
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