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    Kopimi Radio @mazanga 07 25 18 -
    Talk Hard Productions - Lonely Hellos
    Star Man - Alien Waveforms
    The Hood Internet - El Besto I Ever Had
    ST8N - Goldeneye Khalifa
    ThC - Hide The Overcome Army Of Wandering
    The Illuminoids - Pretend We're North American Fun
    Sebwax - J'traine Kt
    ShyBoy & Kat Robichaud - Elastic Ways
    The Homogenic Chaos - Gained The Perfect World
    Talking Cure - Doggy Style
    SMASH - Cure The Issues With Lullaby
    SherlockPoirot - I Dont Switch
    T MASH - How Deep Is Your Love Right There
    SpareElbowSkin - Doing It To Relax
    Super Mash Bros. - Broseidon, Lord Of The Brocean
    Star Man - The Pressure
    Talk Hard Productions - Blitzkrieg Bop Me Like A Reptile
    The Kleptones - Dubby Monks
    Speaky - Twenty-Five
    The Homogenic Chaos - Korn vs Snap vs. Electric Lady
    The Hood Internet - Band On The 16th Stage
    Star Man - Glam It Off
    T MASH - Don't Wanna Mamacita
    The Kleptones - Sniff
    SpareElbowSkin - Return of the F.E.A.R.
    The Hood Internet - 1993 Barry Bonds
    Talk Hard Productions - The Beautiful Uprising
    Supakon - Gettin' Free With It
    Super Mash Bros. - From Honor Roll To Out Of Control
    The Kleptones - Question
    team9 - Pearls Dream (Bat for Lashes)
    The Homogenic Chaos - Made For Supermassive Lust

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    • Type: Live
    • 118 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike
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