Dearest friends,

we are back with this very unique EP by our friend Seve who is stranded in Morocco since March 2020. The tracks were written and produced in his custom van, where he build a whole music-studio. Real Techno-Hippy life :D

But no one could describe it better than himself:

As-Salaam-Aleikum my friends,

crazy times we’re living in and where the fuck has the time gone?
I’m Severin Onderka. Friends say SÄV or Seve, the Moroccans call me Youssef and my latest music project comes as „SÄVe“.
I’m 32 years old, talented and enthusiastic dj/moderate producer, degreed engineer (diploma), passionately into extreme sports and stranded in Morocco since March....

After 7 years of studies and sidejobs, 3 years of work and 10 years in the nightlife with residencies in different clubs in Karlsruhe and gigs all over Germany, I finally realized my plan, to go on my first big and long travel in my self build camper van: Bought a van, transferred the music studio from the flat to the van, quit the flat, the job as well, put the surfboards in and hit the road. That was one year ago, in September 2019. The plan was good, the implementation flawless and even the calculation was matching… Then Corona arrived.

I planned to come back to Germany in April 2020, to spend a lot of time with my friends and family (especially with the very best grandma ♥ ). I wanted to work during the summer months and as usual play some gigs in clubs and festivals, to finally go back south for the winter at the Atlantic coast - so much for the plan …

Well, since the 20th of March, boarders are closed tight and only a few ferries went back to Europe. Also many of those got canceled, leading to awkward situations for thousands of European citizens, who have start an (quite) endless waiting on some hot parking areas or
expensive campgrounds in the North. Morocco continues to keep it’s distance to Europe and it is impossible for us to assume, when change might come and regular ferries will start to operate again. For now the specials August´s ferries for France start at 600€ with only coupon refund in case of any problem.

After more than 5 months in lockdown in Morocco, some car repairs and a broken solar panel later, I already had to borrow some thousand Euros from friends and family. The biggest problem are the running costs back in Germany, such as the monthly repayment of
my student loan, and the European mobile phone. In the end of the year the annual insurance for the car is due, as well.

This is why, I am now reaching out to you. Hoping you can help me, putting a bottom to this barrel of running costs.
If you have some Euros left, I would be very thankful for a little donation. If you can help me, finding a job, that I can do from here with my computer and Internet, that would be even more helpful. 450€ a month is nice and enough for me, to keep things going. I have different qualifications, skills and talents and I am also fluidly speaking several languages. Last I worked as a planning engineer for projects in Germany and Switzerland. I am used to different CAD-programs, I can do some python coding and many more. If you have an idea or a contact, don’t hesitate to write me....
read more on SÄVe´s crowdfunding page:

Master: Nathan Hall
Artwork: Hermann Wirt -




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    Downtempo, SÄVe, Severin Onderka, Daensen, Techno Hippie, Kollektiv.Liebe
    • 106 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Karlsruhe, Deutschland
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