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    Urban Gothic V

    Urban Gothic V by Kohhna
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Urban Gothic V and VI are companion pieces, they can be taken as a whole (though there are some tracks that appear on both mixes) or just enjoyed separately. The plan was to make a mix of deep, medatative, space-y, ambient music, the sort of thing that's not banging or even has a bit of a groove to it but has space in the beats to breath, which could move from soulful and emotional to harsh and noise-y. Thats not quite how it has come out but these two mixes should be at least interesting and I had an interesting time trying to learn how to mix this type of music, some to a greater or lesser degree of success.

    EyeScream - Despa1r
    Venetian Snares - Hiszékeny
    Pat Hime - Dryth
    Hecq - Untitled
    Roly Porter - Gravity
    Fractional - Thear
    Cut Hands - Krokodilo
    Ceephax Acid Crew - Cobra Mist (Sidstation version)
    Vex'd - Remains of the Day
    DJ Spooky - Azadi (The New Complexity)
    Hecq - Bete Noire (Deadfader Remix)
    Ah Cama-Sotz - After The Burial
    LAST STEP - Purr Song Cilantro
    Ceephax Acid Crew - Forest Zone 303
    Tim Hecker - Incense at Abu Ghraib
    Phec - Quino
    Loops Haunt - IILTN
    Author And Punisher - Blue Flame
    Drumcorps - Worse

    Ambient, Urban Gothic, Ambient, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Post Rock, Post Punk, Drone, Doom Electronica, Really Slow Breakcore, Downtempo, IDM
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