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    Species Promo Mix 2017

    Species Promo Mix 2017 by Kohhna
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Promotional mix for Species, Irelands premier alternative Gothic Arts festival (gothicspecies.com).
The mix starts with a little of the Goth side of the whole retrowave thing, ramps into techno remixes of industrial and EBM giants (new and old) and a little EBM-inspired club techno. Considering the whole retro-wave thing and the recent interest in the electronic forms of post punk by the rest of club culture and the retro-wave thing that's going on in music at the moment i thought it would be nice to do a mix that would combine the two, the sort of thing that would go off at The Doll House as much as at the Berghain. This is the result. I'm not sure if I've altogether succeeded but I hope that you at least find it as enjoyable to listen to as I had putting it together and mixing it.

Cover Art by Phill Strange

    0:00   Buzz Kull - Dreams
    8:00   Boy Harsher - Yr Body Is Nothing
    15:40   The KVB - Lines
    18:40   Throbbing Gristle - United(Two Lone Swordsmen Remix-Vocal Version) - remix
    53:00   Azar Swan - For Last and Forever

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