...sort of. Being the complete dingbat that I am I forgot to record the mix from my live set on Halloween night (first time gigging in public, yeooo!). A few people who couldn't make it down had requested I do so. For them I'm uploading this, it was one of my practice sessions and the tracklist is quite close to what it was on the night, only difference being that Crunky Heads by Goth Trad went on where Cold Blood is here and I played Guillotine into another, older Broken Note track called The Fury, which I mixed into Gore tech and had a bit of fun with the crossfader for a bit until the end, and thats where I had to finish as I'd somehow managed to run out of time. Still this is fairly close and its pretty much all there, all the main bits, even a couple of moments and progressions from the earlier Urban Gothic mix (which was a very very early jamming session from when we weren't even sure the night was happening and were just talking about it). You might also notice a couple of songs featuring the vocal talents of Spaceape, who sadly passed away lately. The lyrics and sound of his music fits beautifully with the overall ambience and sound i was going for, and he was an amazing poet and MC so it was my pleasure to play a couple of tunes with his words over them in my small tribute to one of our generations brightest and best. Enjoy.


Sabbath Dub – ‘Snares
Punishment (Oyaarss Execution) – Fausten
Bruxism - Ebola
Niv – Fractional
Bodies – Spaceape and Kode9
Skeleton Grin – Distance
Mortal Bass – Broken Note
Invisible Corridor - Eraldo Bernocchi / Blackfilm
Ellum Tonal – Loops Haunt
Spaceape (feat. Spaceape) – Burial
Pandi – The Bug
No Matter How Fair – EyeScream
Chapter One - Qebrus and Valance Drakes
Cold Blood – Akira Yamaoka
Rights of Passage – End.user
Plan B – Ad-Ver-Sary
Steady – Digital Velvet
What Happened? – Dope D.O.D.
Guillotine – Broken Note
The Ghost Particle – Gore Tech
Tokyo Hardcore – Forbidden Society

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