Welcome along to Ketch A Vibe 449,as usual we have a complete mixed bag of musical goodness incorporting Jazz,Soul,Funk,Afro & Spiritual,some is lifted out of our musical vaults and of course some brand new music to delight your ears and as an added bonus we have the dynamic A-FRYK-YA from South Africa to enlighten side 2 of this weeks show.
So sit back and enjoy

Aja,Claire & Sfiso

Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Only A Woman (ft Josephine Oniyama) - Gondawana Records (2015)
Jose James - Velvet - Brownswood Recordings (2008)
Aaron Tesser New Jazz Affair - Sunday Morning - RNC (2015)
Heavy - Wonderlove -Kindred Spirits (2009)
Miinnie Riperton - Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right - Epic (1975)
TSHA - Moon - Counter Records (2019)- Indie (2019)
Cecily - Clumsy - Cecily Bumbray (2019)
Ego Ella May - Tea & Sympathy - Tru Thoughts (2019)
Tawiah - Recreate - First Word (2019)
Ronin Arkestra - The Art Of Altercation - Alberts Favorites (2019)
Abro - Much Love To Give feat. Sefi Zisling - Raw Tapes (2019)
OONOPS Drops -Kazumi Kaneda Uncertain - Agogo Records (2019)

A-FRYK-YA Ketch A Vibe Show Mix
A full playlist will be posted as and when i recieve it.

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