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fourth part of the 'mind-over-matter‘ movie series

  • Precious hints on detoxification, intestinal cleaning, parasite-cure as well as essential tips for a ‚long-term-fasting'
  • Phone-call bestofs hints by Chris Basencoach Pöschke - see also
  • Nutrition, body-cleansing and raising frequency to the 5th
  • Tips and hints before and while going into ‘long-term-fasting’ or ‘dry-fasting'
  • Detoxification and rising body-own frequency
  • Possibility of cellular re-creation, retro-alimentation and third teeth re-growth
  • Connection of swarm-intelligence, metamorphosis, global awakening and synchronicity
  • ‘Hacking Self Worth’ - perspective-change and law-of-attraction, manifestation
  • Balance and rhythm, listening to body-signals
  • Living with much clarity, very little sleep and constant-energy
  • Story of couple behind ‘TheImmortalityProcess’
  • AENA breathing method for the multidimensional light-body, spherical breathing
  • Living with almost no money, step out of the system
  • Nature material cloth, basic equipment and minimalism to stop constant consume of clothing and products
  • Barefood grounding, stopping with ‘caretaking’-products, natural alternatives
  • Meaning and worth of a flake-squeezer, nutrition-tips switching on raw-food / get away from carbonhydrates and sugar - addiction
  • Diet tips for preparation / higher frequency from the 'Shipibo Tradition Ceremony’ -
  • ‘Mankind is so much salty’ - use less salt
  • Tree-of-Life-Breathing, Prana Breathing
  • Stop smoking in long-term with joy - trick, Mapacho herbal smoke alternative as pre-stage
  • Connection: Lungs produce DMT and Wim-Hof Iceman breathing method for bodys-own DMT
  • Lived freedom and self-creation - inspiration of a living ‚Iceman‘: Sascha René Amolsch

‘Life for the moments you can’t put into words’


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