Profile description of Ken Stein:

Not all of Ken Stein's tracks have been uploaded here. There are a lot more. Ken Stein started producing electronic music in 2003. The style fluctuates between hip-hop and ambient. Often also experimental. All tracks are self-produced, without outside help. The passion to mix is also shown here. At this point it should be mentioned that all mixes were also created by ourselves. The sounds in the mixes are from well known artists of the house, techno, breakbeat and electro scene. The artist uses various software platforms and different systems to mix and create music, for a spectral experience. All in-house productions and mixes can be freely heard and downloaded. Anyone who distributes the music online and gives it to friends calls the name of the artist "Ken Stein" and refers to the online presence. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that a good audio system (headphones or speakers) is imperative to be able to hear the full sound. Everything else does not make sense. Finally, it should be noted that this is a hobby. If it were full-time, it would certainly be more. Everything good for you. Have fun with it and take care.

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