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Album: This Took Forever To Get Started.. And Now It Must Die.
Genre: Shock Rock, Industrial, Dark

Strangers welcome one and all
To the party of carnival
With eyes that roll and hands that crawl, on their own they stroll..
Spider treads across the floor
Guests awkward without restore
Shattered windows, glass by the halls
Noise shrieking across the walls

At the sight my flesh seems dry
And I creep around you throughout the night
My eyes they glow, they seem of freight
I'm the attraction, the one delight
My party, not like yours
These dark beats, it never bores.

Hallow hands and horrid mind.
Stop to scream where can you find?
The hiding place of my only friends
The clowns, my peeps, the contrabass!

I seek your souls, I seek for light!
That ignites my hands and inside I'll be bright
To finally remain of glee
For you see, inside I'll cry
I envy for you see, inside I'll cry, while you catch on with delight
I envy thy, for you see..
inside I'll cry, for you catch on with delight.

    Neo soul, experimental ambient, Darkpsy
    • Type: Original
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