Profile description of Kai Seeliger:

After an exchange student year in the USA Kai returned to Germany and started his interest in DJing. All his close school mates got into the techno movement. As part of a crew of up to 10 friends, they took Kai to several raves and club events back in 1993. Shortly after Kai attended his first bigger rave at Königsburg (Krefeld) he found himself at a near by record store Atrium to browse lots of vinyl. Right away Kai was on fire and started buying records. Influenced by Steve Masons radio show »The Steve Mason Experience« on BFBS and his times at partys, Kai developed into several styles of electronic music at that time.

In 1995 Kai moved to Hannover for his horticultural studies. Hannover had been a furnace of the developing techno scene since 1990. After the legendary Weltspiele closed down, Hannovers techno youngsters soon found a homebase at the Hanomag hall (Cyberhouse, Tor 1, BPM Club, Rose Club & Music Hall). But as regular university students were not much into electronic music, it took a few years until Kai made some friends to share his passion. Finally in early 1997 Kai got part of a small group of friends sharing records and hold their own little partys.

After several small gigs in Hannover and its close regions as within his first residency at »Club Elektrik«, Kai started interest in slower and rather minimal produced music. Throughout his early DJ gigs Kai developed a hard minimal techno style influenced by Detroit and Swedish styled tracks. By that time Kai was still spinning under his pseudonym Earl Green. He got resident DJ at »Liquid Bar & Lounge« with his »drastix plastix« thursday in late 1999 and began to change his focus in his music. While his thursday at »Liquid Bar & Lounge« got more and more attention, his residency started to provide Kai several warm up sets on weekends. In cooperation with the „Auftrieb 2000“ crew Kai hosted a few club nights at Hannovers alternative venue »Musiktheater Bad« which was known for its legendary hip hop and drum & bass events.

Moving on in his musical interest and being more and more influenced by dub, deep and spherical house sounds in his sets, Kai decided to play his developed sound under his real name starting in mid 2001. Up until late 2003 Kai also played different shows in more supra regional clubs. After the club got sold throughout 2003 »Liquid Bar & Lounge« had to close down shortly but got reopened in October 2004. The City of Hannover started a massive reconstruction of the infrastructure in which »Liquid« was located and therefore the club had to move by the end of 2006. At the new venue located amongst other clubs in the »Steintor« area Kai only played occasional gigs at Liquid.

Over the intervening years Kai played several gigs at different local clubs such as »Platform“, »Musiktheater Bad«, »Tonliebe« its follow up »Kollektiv Mehlstraße«, „Engel 07« and others. Finally by the End of 2014 Kai got to play monthly sets at Hannovers »Kiste«, a new club project which was located in Hannovers legendary ”men’s factory« premises.
Unfortunately »Kiste« had to close down in fall 2015, but one of its events »vinyl only« moved on to continue at »Monkeys« a club owned by Ferry Ultra. Until Kai got DJ at Hannovers new »subfloor« events which hosted in November 2017 Germanys DJ legend Tanith and in January 2018 Cologne based DJ Roland Casper, he again focused little more on his own productions. By today Kai got to release three tracks of his project »2 Stÿhle eine Meinung«. An EP »darf ich vorstellen« on Hannovers label »Serifen Records« and a remix to »FFF« on Proton Records. »FFF« is a track series of a rather more commercial project by »Eichensohn & Davenstedt«. One of Kais goals in 2019/2020 is to take the next step and release some more of his music productions he is working on.

personal dj-sessions: »DrastiX PlastiX« — ’99 - ’06, Liquid Lounge
»minimal ist optimal« — ’01 - ’02, Liquid Lounge
»Freizeitausgleich« — ’04 - ’05, Kiez Klub«
»drehbank« — ’07, Fever
»schwarzes gold« — ’07, Fever**

resident clubs: Club Elektrik, Hannover (‘98)
Club Heimatliebe, Braunschweig (‘99)
Liquid Bar & Lounge, Hannover (1999 - 2006)
EX-IT Club, Hannover (‘00)
Red Orange Club, Hannover (‘03)
Underworld, Osnabrück (‘03)
Kiste, Hannover ('14/'15)
subfloor events (2017 - 2019, 2022)

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 132 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Hannover, Deutschland
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