Welcome to the 96th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This weeks set is a very special one because it's the very first time to have a Atmospheric Drum N Bass set in the series.
It's also mixed by Aural Imbalance. Very known for his deep intens and very rythmic Atmospheric Drum N Bass music.

Aural Imbalance Bio:

Aural Imbalance AKA Simon Huxtable has been writing and creating atmospheric music since
1997, creating deep emotive tracks across many electronic music genres including drum & bass
and spacey house / progressive. The key to the AI sound is deep synthesis with the focus on the
spaced out atmospherics that create a warm hypnotic feel.
The Aural Imbalance sound has spanned the globe with original tracks and remixes over various
established electronic labels including Cadence Recordings, Within Records, Lynx Recordings,
Advection Music, Greta Cottage Workshop, Secrets of the Sun Recordings, Ascendent Grooves,
Elliptical Sun Recordings, SoulRidaz, 7 Seas Records, Stasis Recordings, Cambrian Line,
OdysseyRecordings, Embarcadero Records, Adro Records and has also had tracks featured on
mixed CD’s on Global Underground.
The sound that Simon has been producing and involved with has gained support from some of
themajor players in the electronic music scene, this is both in a solo guise as Aural Imbalance
and with collaborative efforts as part of Deep Space Organisms, Monothy, Idforma and Inspired
Minds in which he has teamed up with other very talented producers. Simon is also part of a new
acoustic/ electronic band called “Out of Plato’s Cave” who with singer songwriter Rhys Davies have
a debut album “Solipsist” which came in 2013 on Greta Cottage Workshop.
The debut album project by Aural Imbalance is a deep D&B album called “Legacy” on Cadence
which is released on limited edition CD and is available exclusively via movementinsound.com
this is a nine track LP that is mixed together into a nice spaced out atmospheric romp into the
deeper side of drum & bass.
As a follow up to the album a remix project of the original tracks from Legacyreleased (2014),
include remixes from, The Outerworld, Orange & Blue, Tidal, Tomi Chair, Groofeo, Donald Wilborn,
Audapta, Pat Foosheen, Shane Berry, Eschaton & Nennah, PHD & Furney in addition to this there will a few surprises on the album as somevery special guests will be doing some versions of the
originals too. Also Simon has recently finished his debut album for Advection Music and this is scheduled to be
released in 2015 - 2016 again following the deeper side of D&B and House music. Other projects
will take shape in the nearfuture, a pure ambient project is in the works and this will be released
under another pseudonym thiswill be announced through the usual social media channels at the
time of completion of this newproject.
In addition to this expect new EP,s and remixes forthcoming in 2015 - 2016 as new relationships
are being forged with labels from across the globe and debuts will be made on labelslike Stasis
Recordings and Monochrome Recordings. With new albums expected in 2016 on
Movementinsound and Stasis Recordings in 2017, watch this space :-).


  1. Outerworld - Antarctica(Aural Imbalance Remix) -Advection Music
  2. Aural Imbalance - That Orbiting Man - Advection Music
  3. Aural Imbalance - Time Capsule - Soulridaz Recordings
  4. Okee & Aural Imbalance - Beneath the Surface - Advection Music
  5. Offland - Caracara (Aural Imbalance Remix) - Stasis Recordings
  6. Intersolar - Soulshatter (Aural Imbalance Remix) - Cadence Recordings
  7. Kian & Ludvig - The Source (Aural Imbalance Remix) - Cadence Recordings
  8. Aural Imbalance - Project 15 - Cadence Recordings
  9. Aural Imbalance - ExChange - Advection Music

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    0:00   Bass'flo & Ziyal - Antarctica (Aural Imbalance Frozen Remix)
    11:00   Aural Imbalance - Time Capsule
    18:00   Okee & Aural Imbalance - Beneath The Surface - Original Mix
    28:40   Intersolar - Soulshatter
    34:40   Kian & Ludvig - The Source (Aural Imbalance Remix)
    40:40   Aural Imbalance - Project 15 - 3

    Drum & Bass, Atmospheric Drum N Bass
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