Welcome to the 95th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This weeks set is mixed by Transit Massacre! Enjoy!!


Transit Massacre is a Birmingham based electronic Musician who is heavily influenced by the Studio wizadry and techniques developed by ambient dub pioneers Rockers HiFi, A Positive Life and the midlands based Oscillate nights run by Bobby Bird of the Higher Intelligence Agency


Supporting Cloud Boat - 6th March 2013
The Bulls Head, Moseley, Birmingham UK

For Bookings and Remix requests please contact: transitmassacre@icloud.com

Other podcast created by Transit Massacre aka Monoform for Deep Electronics:




  1. Transit Massacre - Phonk
  2. Martin Nonstatic - Proton Neutron
  3. Martin Nonstatic - Low Flow
  4. Stereophaty - Sign of the Times
  5. Deadbeat – Gamma
  6. Transit Massacre - Scanner
  7. Basicnoise - Phosphorica
  8. Sanfuentes - Heatwave (Acid Dub)
  9. Nadja Lind - Sunspots
  10. Plutones - Behind Dreams
  11. Klautram - Dissociation
  12. Transit Massacre - Silent Runner




Photography and Coverart design: Jeroen Smulders

Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

    14:20   Martin Nonstatic - Low Flow
    21:40   Various Artists - Sign Of The Times
    23:00   Stereophaty - Sign Of The Times
    37:20   Basicnoise - Phosphorica
    46:20   Sanfuentes - Heatwave
    49:40   Nadja Lind - Sunspots
    1:02:00   Klartraum - Dissociation

    Electronica, Dubtechno
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