Welcome to 92nd chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. Mixed by Headliner from New York!

Travelling from the depths of Ambient and distant sounds to a more Deep Techno layered music for more then 120 minutes! Enjoy the journey!



Co-Founder of Feed The Raver and partner of Twice As Proper.

Jenny Arredondo is a true Techno enthusiast. A music and dance-floor lover. A crazy healthy raver that would dance for hours and hours to proper Techno beats and bass. She is known as the "Dancing Queen" in the underground NYC Techno scene and around the world in places like Berlin where she regularly goes on a techno pilgrimage to Berghain and her favorite clubs. Her passion for music has no limits; she has music in her blood.

Jenny's music exploration journey in the studio began in 2012, she now produces under the names "Headliner" and "La Guru". Her album "Techno Inquisition" was released on November 16th 2013 on Aerotropic (NYC label) and her second album ¨Ubiquitous¨ was released on December 28th 2014 on the same label. Her latest release "Dark Invader" was included in the compilation REGENERATION by the Spanish label Doppt Zykkler//Series.

In 2012 she Co- Founded Feed The Raver with Craft, a podcast that features underground artists around the world.

She has been a partner of the Twice As Proper events in NY since 2009.

In 2015, Headliner also became part of Female Pressure, an international network of female artists in electronic music and digital arts founded by Electric Indigo.

You will often find her listening and discovering new tracks and artists, also at Techno events having the time of her life.

Designer, photographer, booking agent, event planner, a world trotter, a member of the "Party People" movement, president of the "Techno Inquisition". Her voice has been sampled to be used in many Techno productions by Craft and remixes by other producers as well.


Headliner/LaGuru on Soudcloud:

Headliner on Beatport: pro.beatport.com/artist/headliner/151799

Techno Inquisition album: pro.beatport.com/release/techn...n-album/1187032

Ubiquitous album:

Dark Invader on Doppt Zykkler:

Female Pressure:


  1. Headliner - The Voyager
  2. DeepChord - Ocean of Emptiness
  3. Architectural - Secret Chapter # Prologue
    1. Inanitas - Endless Hope
  4. Craft - Anguish
  5. Harnes Kretzer - Eva's Clock
  6. Murcof - Memoria
  7. Shifted - Yearning
  8. Monolake - Cyan
  9. Stephanie Sykes - Whispers In The Wind
  10. Alan Backdrop - Shan
  11. Headliner - Nanciyaga Black Howlers (jungle recording)
  12. Erik Truffaz & Murcof - Warhol
  13. Extrawelt - Homing
  14. Rhythm & Sound w/ The Chosen Brothers - Mash Down Babylon
  15. Surgeon - Transparent Radiation
  16. The Future Sound of London - Cascade
  17. Conforce - Spatiotemporal
  18. Rrose - Onceless
  19. Ttinga - Homestead (Data Domain remix)
  20. Substak - Never Ending
  21. Apobothra - Icalurus
  22. Gas - Zauberberg I
  23. Headliner - From The Edge Of Space
  24. Headliner - The Answer

Photography and Design: Jeroen Smulders ( New York 2004 )

Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

    0:00   Headliner - The Voyager
    33:00   Shifted - Yearning
    1:50:00   Headliner - From The Edge Of Space
    1:57:20   Headliner - The Answer

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