Welcome to the 109th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This weeks set is mixed by Dutch DJ Vinsen from The Hague. He mixed a Deep techno set but this time he dropped the BPM to a slower setting making the music more deeper.


Vinsen comes from the city of The Hague. Traveling a lot for work, he listens to electronic music to make the journeys more than just physical; forgetting time and creating moods.
Through years Vinsen has developed a taste for the detailed, deep, atmospheric electronic music. Not limited to a genre, but by emotions. Every set should be a new journey through an ethereal world of sounds and shapes.
Born from the need to have more music like that for himself and his close friends, he started making his own.
Having build quite the musical archive over time, only since recently he has begin sharing it with the rest of the world. Motivated by positive reactions to go further and share more :)

Set is recorded with 2 Xone K2's and Traktor.

  1. Hydrangea - Anomala
  2. Dino Sabatini - Soul Capture
  3. The God's Planet - Days (Donato Dozzy Remix)
  4. Dino Sabatini - Totem
  5. Cyspe - Mindscape (unreleased)
  6. Yuka - Drumknot
  7. Monochrome - Misme's Breath
  8. Seraphim Rytm - Kalinovik
  9. Dino Sabatini - Trance State
  10. Yuka - First Zoom
  11. Refracted - Use of Abstraction
  12. Refracted - Hyperdimension
  13. Purl - Remnant
  14. Ethernet - Reminiscence
  15. Edit Select - Survivors of the Pulse
  16. Shifted - Colour of the Fall
  17. Hydrangea - The Sea Breathe
  18. Sonitus Eco - Continuum
  19. Archivist - Photosensitive
  20. Refracted - Exit the Jungle



Photography and Design by Jeroen Smulders

Circuit Jellyfish Design by NLz

    2:00   Dino Sabatini - Soul Capture
    5:00   TGP - Days (Donato Dozzy Remix)

    Dub Techno, Deep Techno
    • Type: DJ-Set
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