Welcome to the 106th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. Finally back with dubtechno because this weeks set is mixed by Takuya Morita from Japan. It is his very first made podcast and Deep Electronics has the honor to introduce him with this amazing set. So enjoy!!


Born in 1981 in Niigata, Japan, Takuya started his career in 2005 and has been releasing 12" singles from various labels: Adjunct, morris audio and op.disc.
He used to compose funky and minimal tracks for floors in the early days. Now he tends to draw inspiration from daily plain sights and nature landscapes. Thereby, in recent works, he focuses on creating rich and textured sounds that connote harmonies with nature utilizing the sounds captured in field recordings.





  1. ASC - The Eternity Barrier
  2. Aleks - Favorite Chords & Dreamscapes
  3. Audub - Just Above
  4. Aris Kindt - Floods
  5. Goran Geto - Lazy Night Chord
  6. Warmth - Crescent
  7. DT-90 - DT-90 - C33 (aspect. Remix)
  8. Anton Kubikov - Bushes
  9. Planetary Secrets - Blue Palm Trees
  10. Takuya Morita - Moonlit Lake
  11. Markus Guentner - Baryon (Feat. The Sight Below)

Photography and Design: Jeroen Smulders

Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

    12:40   Aris Kindt - Floods
    49:40   Markus Guentner - Baryon

    Techno, Dubtechno
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