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It's almost summer time in the LBC. That means it's the season for some jazzy, funky house vibes. Lots of horns and funky bass lines and fuzzy warm feelings in the pit of your stomach. Let, there, be, house.

Blank & Jones - Lovelee Dae (Cassara Remix)
Angelo Ferreri - I'm Surprise (Original Mix)
Harmoracy - On The Beach (Original Mix)
Emanuel Satie - Paffo's Riff (Original Mix)
Andrey Slam, Chemars - Change The World (Chemars Remix)
Rescue - Move That (Original Mix)
Zen Freeman, Macy Gray - Stars (Original Mix)
Jangatha - Make Me Do
Angelo Ferreri - Man In Soul (Original Mix)
Brian Boncher - Ritmo celoso (Original Mix)
Mele - The Latin Track (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Kiki Doll - Get High (Original Mix)
Norbit Housemaster - On The Top (Alex Raider Remix)
GRECO (NYC) - Station House (Original Mix)
Maffa, Angelo Ferreri - 2People (Angelo Ferreri Remix
Wolf Story - Rolling (Original Mix)
Alex Raider, Steve Moro - Industrial Funk (Alex Raider Remix)
Hazzaro - Love 2 Love (Disco 2 Disco)
Max Hebert - Ghetto Heaven (Original Mix)
Demarkus Lewis - Little Fingers (Ruben Naess Remix)
Mario Djust - Chicago
DJ Mes - State Of Affairs
Saison - The Knowledge (Vanilla Ace Remix)
Super Drug - You Control Me (Original Mix)
Angelo Ferreri, Alessandro Calabrese - Over And Over
Angelo Ferreri - Thanks You Heaven
Sandy Rivera - So Good
BSJ - One Way (Original Mix)
Buba - Feels Like Dancing (Original Mix)
Ritmo Du Vela - Jazz, My Culture (Original Mix)
Veev - Seconds (Original Mix)
J Paul Getto - The Vibe
Jesse Rose, Red Eye - Insisting On Existing (Original Mix)

    0:00   Blank & Jones - Lovelee Dae
    15:20   Emanuel Satie - Paffo's Riff
    19:20   Andrey Slam - Change The World - Chemars Remix
    24:00   Rescue - Move That (Original Mix)
    28:00   Various Artists - Stars (feat. Macy Gray) [Mixed]
    30:40   Various Artists - Stars (feat. Macy Gray)
    36:40   Lamar Thomas - Feel so Good Inside
    37:40   Angelo Ferreri - Man In Soul
    44:40   Melé - The Latin Track
    53:20   Norbit Housemaster - On The Top - Alex Raider Remix
    54:00   Norbit Housemaster - On The Top
    56:40   Greco (NYC) - Station House
    57:20   Greco (NYC) - Station House - Original Mix
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    House, jazzy house
    • Type: Mix
    • 122 bpm
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