“Saved My Life“ is a joint project led by label bosses Micky (The Healing Company) and Hermann (Tieffrequent)@the-healing-company

Micky Explains:

"He sent me a couple of demos a few years ago, I loved his music and immediately decided to release a twelve inch on the Healing Company. For that reason, we met afterwards several times in Berlin and became close friends. We found out quickly that we are kind of “soulmates”, made for each other, sharing the same sense of humor, politics, philosophy – and of course the same love for music. Even if we are both releasing mostly contemporary house music on our respective labels, our deepest love is for soulful music from the old days. We are fascinated by the lovely vibes of the past, this special touch of melancholia, emotion, deepness and playfulness that is difficult to put it into words – it is something you can feel much better when listening.

One day we had the idea to do some edits of long forgotten tunes we love. After a couple of studio sessions, the result was our first release, “A Piano Saved My Life“ with four piano-driven edits out of Jazz Funk, Italo Disco and some Balearic vibes. We released it as a small vinyl edition on my new sub-label “Piano Music“ and we got very surprised by the warm and positive feedback the EP had worldwide.

Instead of just playing the compactos from beginning to end we tried another approach: avoiding fade ins and outs and doing a mix with a constant flow and vibe. This proved at the end much trickier as we originally thought, since one of the most charming aspects of old Brazilian music is also that you have very well produced commercial albums on the one hand and independent lo-fi recordings on the other hand – but just as good and worth to listen and play!
After digging in our collections and choosing around 80 records, we reduced the selection to fit into a 90 minutes mix, creating a journey that spans some of Brazil’s most popular music genres: from classic Bossa Nova to MPB, Samba Soul, Samba Rock, Boogie, Disco, Forro, Tropicalia and Psychedelia, from 60 bpm to 140 bpm. Our selection is not dogmatic or academic, we are not presenting a certain time period, style or region – we even take a detour to Italy and France during the mix. What we want to present are records and music that are touching us emotionally, with their delightful vibes from the past, including songs from the early 70s to the early 90s, some well known and highly appreciated, some more obscure or completely unknown, some from reputable artists, some from “one-hit wonders “, who disappeared in the depths of time.

  1. Elias De Lima – O Samba Que Guardei Pra Você (1973)
  2. Jesse Pessoa – Chove Chuva (1980)
  3. The Spins – The Valley Of Temples (1978)
  4. Bolão ‎– Sem Querer (1984)
  5. Paulo Braga – Barra Da Saia (1975)
  6. Django – Samba Nova (1975)
  7. Commanders – Boi Da Cara Branca (1978)
  8. Você Canta O Sucesso – Olhos Coloridos (1983)
  9. Mariano – Ciúme (1993)
  10. Bebeto – Com Você Sou (1985)
  11. Cid Belar – Questão De Pele (?)
  12. Caú – De Bracos Abertos (1986)
  13. Moreira Jr. – Rasteira (1983)
  14. Sônia – Adoia (1975)
  15. Música Viva 83 – Brasil Especial (1983)
  16. Maysa – Rasguei A Minha Fantasia (1974)
  17. Marizinha ‎– Brincadeira De Amor (1979)
  18. Regininha – Nas Tuas Mãos (1978)
  19. Tino Gomes ‎– Raio De Luz (1987)
  20. Dedé ‎– Sinceramente (1983)
  21. Sabor De Mel ‎– Pra Rimar Com Amor (1981)
  22. Directory ‎– Monday / Caipira Train (1983)
  23. Neusinha Brizola – Rio De Janeiro (1983)
  24. Dudu França ‎– Vem Dançar (Disco Mix) (1978)
  25. Alvaro ‎– Povo Novo (1987)
  26. Loalwa ‎– Pode Chegar (?)
  27. Pery Ribeiro ‎– Abre Alas (1974)
  28. Lena Rios ‎– Chapada Do Corisco (1978)
  29. Zapatta ‎– Fiesta Macabra (1973)
  30. Gilvan Fellip ‎– Alô Deus (?)
  31. Sueli – Você (1973)
  32. Sirino E Fagner ‎– Copa Luz (1971)
  33. Elias De Lima – O Samba Que Guardei Pra Você (1973)
    Latin, Brazil, mixtape
    • 121 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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