The In Between (Words by J. J. Ross - Music by Lee Lucas & Anmafean)

Lee Lucas - Vocals - Piano - Keyboards - Bass Lines - Atmospheric FX - Artwork & Co-Producer - Mix & Mastering.
Raphael GTR - Guitars.
Anmafean - Organ - Bass Line (on lead break) - Cymbals - Co-Producer.
Drum4Fun - Drums.

After reading the challenge that Jaime sent to all friends regarding The In Between lyrics, I immediately knew that I would do something with this fine poem. As I was reading it for second time a complete melody line emerged from the words. Straight away I grabed my mike and I recorded a first acappella version. From some time now I was thinking in doing a prog rock song with my good friend Lee Lucas. So, seeing that this one could be that track I decided to talk to Lee about that. I sent him the acappella and Lee immediatly agreed and started to develop the idea. After first things done, we agreed to add more people to the collaboration and we decided that a real drummer would do all the diference in this piece. We also thought that a guitar player should be added. So Lennart and Raphael (who else for a prog track) joined us and they did an amazing work. You can evaluate the result listening to this track.

For more detailed information on how all the process took place, please see Lee Lucas webpage at:!untitled/c1qk4

    Rock, Progressive
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