The Medicine Wheel embodies the wisdom of Universal Truth given to us by the Great Mystery. The truth encoded within the Medicine Wheel teaches us to honor our Earth connection and live our life in harmony with the rhythm of the Universe.

The formation of galaxies and solar systems and all of the rotations of the planets and stars follow the Medicine Wheel. The seasons of Earth, the moon's phases, and day and night follow the Medicine Wheel, as does the rhythms that are encoded in the life and breath of every Walking Person, Winged Person, Water Person, Standing Person, and Stone Person.

W&P Joyfull Natives
All sounds recorder without synths and samples, only EQ compressor and fx delay
experiencie with random objects search sound with psychedelic touch
acoustic live instruments, organic sounds recording

Expand &Vibrate JoY🔊🌀💜👽
JoYfull NaTives|| Goadelic.F.M

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    GOATRANCE, Psychedelic, Electronic, Goa
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