Any professional SEO agency nowadays will mention mobile-first indexing. But what is it, and how does it affect you? Do things need to change, and if so, how?

As Google strives to ensure the World Wide Web is as mobile-friendly as possible due to consumer demand, mobile-first indexing is the new buzzword. This means your website’s mobile version is now Google’s first port of call when indexing your site and evaluating rankings. A professional SEO agency will tell you that to reach the ranking you want to achieve in the search engine results, a site that offers a great mobile experience will score better than one that doesn’t.

So what should you take into account? Firstly, one key check your SEO agency must do is on page loading speeds for mobile. Other factors include ensuring the same level of content appears on both mobile and desktop versions. Metadata should be equally informative on both versions.

Have you previously written your own content? Will you struggle with this new style or ensuring your website is fit for mobile viewing? Then it’s time to contact a professional SEO agency for advice.

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