Here's the first live record of my Japan & Taiwan Tour 2017 from Compufunk at Osaka on Sunday, 21th May.
It was a very nice evening with more experimental and down-tempo sounds played by the liveacts before me, so I also started more this way.
A wicked Sunday session! :)
Enjoy listening!

Tracklist of JOIX live at Compufunk Osaka 2017-05-21:
00:01 Full of stars (unreleased)
07:10 Hidden Hint (released on Album "Random Control" / LCR Records /â...nal-mix/3364715 )
12:00 Fallow Land (released on EP "Secret Cult" / Lethal Dose Recordings /â...nal-mix/5307001 )
18:00 Ryoma Sasaki - Looking on darkness - JOIX Remix (released soon on MYTH Records)
25:15 DJ Jascha - The Follower - JOIX Remix (released on EP "The follower" / Jacksum Records /â...x-remix/7570514 )
31:50 Bumblebee or beelzebub?! (released on compilation "Dusk" / Anecdote Records /â...nal-mix/3937654 )
36.30 Warm wind from east (released on Album "Random Control" / LCR Records /â...nal-mix/3364716 )
43:40 Moving wall (released on Album "Hermetic Room" / self released / )
51:00 Plateau (released on EP "Afterglow" / Lunayk Musyk /â...nal-mix/8023322 )

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    13:00   Joix - Fallow Land
    27:20   DJ Jascha - The Follower
    49:40   Joix - Plateau

    JOIX live, Compufunk, Osaka, Japan, 2017
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