So I was wondering if I could run midi into vice the c64 emulator, and I got it working!

Get vice here midi settings
enable pick a midi device in/out
pick a midi interface they have several, i tried the sequential

Get this, MyMidi [2007]

You'll need a virtual midi device so you can send midi from like Ableton/Reaper or whatever to Vice.
I use LoopMIDI under windows its free,
(you'll need to download and config it first and make a midi port)

Start up your midi program windows mac or whatever to control the thing.
Start up vice, change the settings like above
Load up the d64

Start playing!
I haven't messed around with it much but you should be able to set sid params and stuff.
Also vice has tons of midi io devices you can emulate so I will be looking into other stuff.

So I am piping midi from Ableton live into it via a virtual midi device.

Translate this for me please

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