Profile description of Joe:

 The music accompanies Jose Wesley Zanni, in art JOE (and / or MEGREM), from a young age but a completely different environment then hip hop. Developing the passion for freestyle and culture digging in the past approaches electronic sounds sung by such artists. This led him to discover the HOUSE vinily of the years 1990/2000.
Around the years 2006 interested in electronic music arose, JOE began to hang around in Switzerland at a club like Rohstoflagger, Oxa, Altebörse, Kiff, Borderline, Das Schiff, Tunnel, Rok, Frieda's buxe, Hive, Supermarket, Zukunft, Nordstern, Club Q ... to name a few, to hear local artists, to support the scene and also to listening artist like Argenis Brito, Stephan Bodzin, Ricardo Villabos, Seb Zito, Chris Liebing, Butch, Extrawelt, Apollonia ... ..
In 2008, the album Ilario Alicante - Living Near Africa EP was released and it conquest Joe and he obtained to purchase a console.
From there the electronic musical direction TECHHOUSE was born, which in the future will move to confront also with oriental sounds, and define the JOE style, mold. The Techno accompanies him parallel thanks to the phenomenal presence of the hard bassline and drum.
Started from the digital but captured by the charm of vinyl, he changed his course.
 The main influences but not only, relate to the listed labels below:
Katermukke → orietal's sonority
Visionquest → out of the standard production
Moonharbour → relaxed vibes
Fuse → mental production
 Joe played the varied parties self organized and not self-organized outdoors , private parties. Also at the Opium (AG), Flösserplatz (AG), Red Bar (TI), Coyote Pub (BIasca), Electronical Carnival (Biasca), Freude an Tanz (AG), MOVIMENTO party.
 Independent always looking for comparisons with several colleagues.
In 2016 the collective Teamrocket was born, composed of two DJs and a producer who unfortunately was suspended for reasons of availability. In 2018 Joe enters in this collective called MOVIMENTO after some disc discussion and b2b, sharing the philosophy of Electronical Music.

    • 126 bpm
    • Key: Am
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