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First part of the 5 hours set played on my last presentation at AVA. Now you can enjoy the full set. The second part is right after this one ;)

Featuring tracks from:
La Fleur
Kenny Larkin
Alex Flatner & Lopazz
Alex Niggemann
Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Matthias Meyer
Minus Label
and some other kicking ass undergroung as hell shit that I canĀ“t remember right now but I will post a more or less accurate track list whenever possible.

Turn it up!

Peace out!

    0:00   Dilby - Autumn Blues (Feat. Simon Graff)
    5:00   Paride Saraceni - Dissolute (Original Mix)
    6:00   Paride Saraceni - Dissolute
    14:40   Etapp Kyle - Aurora
    16:20   Various Artists - Mr Man
    49:00   Matador - Nomans Land
    1:05:20   Kevin Saunderson - Defected Presents Kevin Saunderson In The House Mixtape
    1:07:40   Kevin Saunderson - Future (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix)
    1:24:40   Patlac - Firmament
    1:30:40   Auntie Flo - Sun Ritual
    1:38:40   La Fleur - Nightflow
    1:59:40   Maximiljan - Sasquatch
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