Once upon a time in la la land” five friends got together (July 2001) and built what began as a little website for fun. About a million people know that website as JFRocks.com. We know it as “holy crap what have we done?!” lol There have been some rumors lately on the message boards that we’re putting the band back together so to speak and I’ll be dawning the backward black hat again and stepping in front of the camera for another round. I’m going to put that rumor to rest here in an official manor. I can tell you that WILL NOT be happening. And I’m sorry to say that, I know I’ve just disappointed thousands of people with one sentence and I can only imagine the karma that will come back on me for that. If you disappoint one person it’s bad enough. But no the website is not resuming, and there’s a reason for that which I won’t go into here except to say everything has its moment in time. The JFRocks website was legendary in its time. When we started it we had no idea what was about to happen. We had no idea we were going to change the world or at least the guitar universe seemingly forever. I think the moment I knew we had was when Guitar Player mag referred to me as the “godfather of online guitar lessons”. I’m very proud of that moniker if I’m honest. Teachers don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Not that I think I “deserve” anything, but it’s nice to be appreciated and recognized for anything we do. It’s a good feeling at the very least. Scientists used to think we live in a random universe. This theory has been proved wrong in recent years lending creedo to those who say “everything happens for a reason”. Everything does!! Though we don’t often know what that reason is until years or even decades later sometimes. We have to look back to figure it out. When I look back on JFRocks.com I realize the reason was to further the instrument, and inspire others to do the same. I’ve done that on many levels. Youtube is filled with dudes in backward black hats giving guitar lessons. Gee I wonder where they got that idea? Many of you especially on Facebook send me links to them and call them rip-offs etc. I don’t see it that way. I see it as I inspired something. And take it for what it’s worth but in life if you can inspire someone to do something, you’ve done something pretty amazing, whether you’re acknowledged for it or not.

The website remains, but it’s just a skeleton of what it once was. We’ve left a few key lessons, especially the Van Halen style stuff that frankly made us/me famous. But the cast of characters who helped me build that site and make it what it was have moved on. Life moves on!!! It’s what it does. So where are they now? Well Keith is still a movie star, he’s doing shorts and indie-stuff, TV walk-ons etc.. He had a radio show for a while that many of you remember called “The call sheet”, which I did the theme music for with my song “Earthshaker”. These days he does a lot of those autograph shows with some of our old friends from 80’s and 90’s TV. Erica lives in Colorado now and is married with a son who apparently is quite a guitarist for his young age. Mick and I still work together from time to time, he’s still with Warner Brothers records. Kelly still does a lot of my web stuff for me at JFRocks Music Publishing and recently was hard at work on a book. None of us are sure what the book is about, but we know it’s a book and we hope it’s not about us but fear it is. lol And me, well I morphed the JFRocks website into JFRocks Music Publishing. I re-ingrained myself into the industry doing music for films and TV, and a few well known video games. I sometimes regret this move as the industry has its share of characters. Some are good friends, and some I wouldn’t leave my daughter alone with for more than 5 seconds. But all in all life is good.

The good news is the band did get back together for this one song. As noted in the credits this song features me, Erica, and Mick. We recorded this song in my garage (for the sound really), on June 24th 2020. It was Erica’s idea actually, and she flew in for the week to do it. It was great to play with these two again. Erica and I always vibed nicely off each other on the guitar side, and Mick is a fabulous bassist and sound engineer. This song is a total re-recording remake of a 2012 hit of mine that you JFRocks fans will know as “Shred Zeppelin”. The Zepp influence is obvious on this track. We thought it would be fitting to redo this song as it really deserved it and the original version lacked some warmth because of the equipment we used at the time. My garage provided the what’s sometimes called “bathtub” sound they used to get In the 60’s and 70’s and also off the record made us feel like teenagers again because that’s about the only time in your life you jam in a garage. lol I hope you guys all enjoy this remake.. If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan you should really dig it for sure…

If I disappointed anyone by dispelling the rumor of the site being reborn I apologize. My intention in life is to never disappoint or offend anyone. We love you guys and I especially appreciate the years of support you’ve given me. But as I said, everything has its moment in time. The new age people call it “divine timing”.

That said, I must admit it was surreal to stand in the same room with Erica and Mick again. I found myself gazing over at Erica thinking to myself how much time had passed since this last happened. 19 years ago in the summer 2001 “Once upon a time in la la land” myself and 4 amazing people built a website on a whim that changed a lot of people's lives, and the world of guitar a little bit, or maybe a lot bit. I don’t think many would disagree with that statement but regardless I have banks and banks of emails from people just like all of you who wrote in to thank us for what we were doing. Bearing in mind that for the first 4 years of the site we were the only ones doing it!! But I want you all to know that while I’m very proud of what we accomplished, we couldn’t have done it without all of you!! Nearly 1 million of you tuned in for our weekly lesson updates and monthly Mail-bag segments. I was just the guy on the videos, you fans were ones who kept the site alive and kicking. So cheers to you guys…. Your endless loyalty and support was and is still much appreciated, and quite humbling to all of us.

Enjoy the song!!! Because this little reunion of sorts is more than likely the last time the three of us (Jeff, Erica, and Mick) will record or perform together in this lifetime. It was a miracle of happenstance that this session even happened in the first place, and we all have Erica to thank for that. That girl can plan let me tell you!! That said, maybe we’re inadvertently making a little history again right here, right now. it certainly was momentous for the three of us.

"Once upon a time in la la land"
Composed, & arranged by Jeff Fiorentino & Erica Reese (ASCAP)

Performance notes:

Jeff Fiorentino - Lead guitar
Erica Reese - Guitar
Mick Simms - Bass
Jeff Fiorentino - Drums

Copyright © 2012-2020 JFRocks Music Publishing, Hollywood CA - Unauthorized use is prohibited!

**All Jeff Fiorentino and JFRocks song materials are produced for film and television licensing and are registered with ASCAP. We reserve ALL rights over this or any Jeff Fiorentino song. Unauthorized use without our written consent is prohibited.

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Track info:

Key: A minor
Tempo: 135 b.p.m.
Guitar Tuning: 1/2 step flat; (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

Guitar Effects Used: MXR Stereo Chorus, Ibanez Tube-screamer (TS808)

Guitar Used: Gibson Les Paul (studio model)

Guitar Amplifier Used: Supro Black Magic (chorus used for added stereo spin)

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    • Type: Original
    • 135 bpm
    • Key: Am
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    • Los Angeles, CA, USA
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