This is a happy little number.... I produced it for a TV pilot of all things, although this particular pilot was a bit of an odd-ball to say the least... Enjoy it... it's likely to put you in a good mood. I tend to channel when I write, and I channeled some pretty happy energy for this one. It's actually a remake of a similar song I wrote some years ago, but this version is way better I think... Years of experience tend to add to one's ability to make certain elements such as sound for example play out a little better. Basically these days I can pretty-much make things sound the way I want, although I admit I still have a lot of learning ahead of me. I chalk it up to a lifelong passion/obsession...

The song's title and general happy vibe and feel stem from my neighborhood's recent annual BBQ event.. I use "event" loosely by the way... I live in an area filled with industry people, corporate executives, and trust-funders alike as I've mentioned in other liner notes. Having said that one of my more swanky neighbors showed up in this amazing blue dress. Oh the ladies gasped as she strolled in only to become quickly engulfed in a cloud of BBQ smoke and drenched in the smell of pulled-pork. LOL.. She looked like she was just stopping by on her way to the Oscars, and was strutting around the "event" like she was already there. I'm told she's an actress from the old soap-opera days back in the 80's. "One life to live" or "General Hospital" or some show like that, I have no idea I don't know much about TV trivia, but I do know you don't wear a fancy dress like that to a pork-pit BBQ party. So me being me I couldn't help but have a little internalized fun waiting for the inevitable BBQ sauce spill accident, because of course it's going to happen, it always happens and you all know it. A couple of us even had an over-under bet on when it would happen in fact.. Sure enough it happened!!! And I kid you not you literally would have thought a CHILD had caught fire as countless people frantically ran over to "save the dress"... OMG NO!!!, not the dress!!! People were jumping over chairs to get to her. I'm a few yards away at this point cocking my head a bit as I watch all of this madness play out, all the while thinking, "save the dress, yeah the dress, the one you had made for a freakin' BBQ." LOL.. what? With the dress and seemingly her tits well in the hands of many at this point I finished up my conversation about "fences" with my neighbor Steve, who seemed to be quite an expert on the topic. At the very least he sure is passionate about his "fences" I must say. So I stuffed down one more piece of chicken and headed on up the hill back home.

People amuse me, they try so hard, and never seem to realize that's the problem.. It would have been much cooler of her to just show up in a pair of gardening overalls, rather than trying to hog attention with a 4-figure dress. I'm all for hangin' on to the glory days, but I prefer Clark Kent to Superman if you catch my drift. I must admit the most fun part of the whole "event" was what of course I and the rest of my family and friends who were also there dubbed "Dress-gate".... It was indeed pure "Happiness in Technicolor blue" for a minute there. But we all knew the BBQ sauce would win in the end....... it always does. And I promise you, I'm no expert, but that dress is going to smell like pulled-pork for the rest of its life and beyond...

-- Cheers

Enjoy the song, crank it up... and as always please share the song... It's always much appreciated....

"Happiness in technicolor blue"
Composed, arranged, & performed by Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)

Performance notes:

Jeff Fiorentino - All Guitars
Jeff Fiorentino - Bass
Jeff Fiorentino - Drums

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