It would seem I’ve inspired many of you to do some writing, hundreds of you in fact. Many of you have taken to doing liner notes of your own; some have even started blogs. I get all the links you DM me or message to me on Facebook and I enjoy what I’m seeing. I think writing is important, heck I think reading is important, but to the writing side even if you’re bad at it it’s still very liberating.

I think it's important to express yourself, be it writing, music, or even mime, (Okay okay, NO!!..., I can't do it,,,, as always I reject the idea of mime! And yes I know some psycho mime is gonna DM me tomorrow morning, but on the plus-side if they're a decent mime they won't say anything anyway. It'll just be a blank DM. lol). By all accounts I shouldn't hate mimes, I'm half French actually, but I just have issue with them I'm sorry. That said and random visiting mimes aside many of you have been with me and following my career path for many years, some for decades. I appreciate that, but recently I’ve appreciated the response to my music and liner notes even more. You see what many of you may not realize is this has been a year of a lot of inner-work for me. I have many new faces in my life, and many new experiences happening around me as well. I’ve never been a huge fan of change. I tend to like things to stay the same. Although I’m not averse to adventure, I find adventures temporary outlets. When I say change I mean big changes. I live in the same houses for a long time; I drive the same cars for a long time, although most of those are classic sports cars so that’s not hard to comprehend as that’s kind of the point of them. But my point is there has been a lot I’ve had to adjust to this year. And through it all the liner notes have been cathartic for me. Sure sometimes I create a “stir”, but come on, as I covered in a liner note a month or so ago what’s the point in being an artist of any kind if you’re not going to cause a “stir” now and again.

My liner notes so far this year have taken you through some past friendships of mine, a missed opportunity with a soulmate, the loss of a friend, but also and more importantly to me, my thought process in coming to terms with what caused all this change in the first place. That liner note is for the song “A forgotten picture of true completeness”, and I’m very proud to say it’s my most popular song this year, charting at #1 and holding there for a month. It’s also my second most read liner note, second only to the now legendary and WAY out of control “Soulmate-gate”, which honestly has literally blown me away, as I thought for sure you guys would ignore that one or pan it off at the very least. I even debated posting it after I wrote it to be honest. But to its credit though I never connected with the soulmate (and soulmate is a gross understatement for this person) it’s literally given hundreds of us the chance on the boards to discuss interesting topics, more-over the impact missing a soul connection has on one’s timeline and life-course, which is something I’ve studied and tried to avoid my whole life because of the very impact we’ve been discussing. I wrote “Soulmate-gate” for a specific person, and much to my surprise a little over 46 thousand of you have now read it, which I'm floored by, just floored!! So I guess ignore it you didn’t. At the end of the day for me “Soulmate-gate” was the liner that had to be written. Although there are times I wish I hadn’t for obvious reasons. And I’m also quite sure the soulmate herself wishes the same thing at times… My apologies to her for that, I wasn’t aware of the potency and specific type of connection we had at the time I wrote it. I still wasn’t paying attention even in early April, I was ignoring many signs and signals, panning them off as happenstance and strange coincidences. At the time I thought it was just a regular plain old run of the mill soulmate connection, which it most certainly IS NOT as I've learned in recent months by looking more closely at it. Which again is a topic we've all discussed on the boards where I've shared that the type of connection it actually is rather ironically is the reason why the soulmate liner note ended up repelling the soulmate rather than attracting. Obviously had I been paying attention and known that I would never have written the "Soulmate-gate" liner story, but even that scenario is paradoxical, as that liner note and its discussions went on to help many people. In the end I'm only human. I make mistakes, I'm smart, but I'm not perfect, nobody is. It boils down to one of those moments where all I had to do was keep quiet, and the universe would have run us head-long into one another. LOL... Quite literally I imagine. But in the end as I said, my liner note opened a discussion, and that discussion has appeared to have helped a great many people. So whether the soulmate person and I connect in the future or not something very good has come out of it all. And for that I'm grateful.

Soulmate-gate aside, “Forgotten picture”(short title) I’m pleased to say isn’t far behind “soulmate” in reads. It’s ahead of “Soulmate-gate” in DMs, responses, and forum threads actually. Which I’m thrilled about because to me it’s the most important of all of this year’s liner notes. It’s the one that saw the most growth in me personally. That liner note is the moment it all changed for me, when I realized and more importantly remembered who I was. Some may think that sounds arrogant, (who does he think he is?), but what I mean is and what I meant in the liner note is when we’re married for 18 years we forget who we are. We conform to the other person; we compromise a bit of ourselves for the sake of the relationship. We all do it, it’s a necessary evil as they say. So it was no small feat for me to remember who “I” was. Who Jeff Fiorentino was, what he stands for, and where he came from.

My liner notes get an extraordinary number of reads, which I’m blown away by. When I started them I thought nobody would read them. My friend Mark said, and I quote “Nobody wants to read your thoughts Jeff; they want to jam your riffs man.” I guess Mark was wrong, and I’m grateful that he was. These liner notes get almost as many reads as my music gets plays. Thousands of you read as I read Verizon and Karen the missing-link the riot-act, you read about my “Tea with Maggie Jane” on random Tuesdays, (and thanks to the liner note and her song charting at #2 going to a certain little person’s head, now Thursdays as well.) You also read about the “Famous by 3” gang from the old days, and you all figured out who “Target girl” was and tweeted her to death. LOL . I’ve even taken you on a journey to Snowdonia and a film I was a part of. And of course there are many more!! We've covered divorce, marriage, my insane family, and even Tiny donuts.

Through all of it, your DMs and comments have been inspiring to me. You’ve all helped me as much as I helped some of you, including finding out how much I’ve inspired many of you. That’s heartwarming, as I said in one recent liner note; it’s rare that we find out what people really think of us, and what we mean to them. I’m honored, privileged, and I must admit a little humbled to know how much I mean to literally thousands of you. And I just wanted to make sure you all knew as we come to the final third of 2020 how much I appreciate each and every one of you in return.

So thanks!! And I hope my liner notes continue to inspire you to write something along with your music. Or if you don’t record music, just write. Start a blog, you all have something to say and most of you are quite intelligent, and likely have some wisdom of your own to share. Some of you are my friends and a few of you are quite famous in your own right. Keep in mind there's no better way to control public perception of you and your image than by your own words. Otherwise you leave it up to random bloggers, and god forbid the PRESS!!! YIKES!! For the rest of you who knows you may just save someone’s life, or you may piss them off by what you write, either way you’ve had an impact and that in and of itself is meaningful. The act of writing your thoughts down whether you share them publicly or not is in and of itself therapeutic. It can offer perspective and objectivity that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. When I told my father back in 2001 that I wanted to start teaching online his response was quite simply, “that’s fantastic, you have so much knowledge locked up in that head of yours, if you don’t share it, it just dies with you one day.”

I think his words are very true, and ring true to this very day nearly 20 years later. So if I can inspire any of you to do one thing besides record great music, my hope is I can inspire even more of you to write. I think you’ll find that people do in fact want to hear what you have to say. But there is a secret to it. In fact it’s the secret to doing any art-form. You absolutely cannot care what people think. If you care what people think you shouldn’t be an artist of any kind. You’ll second guess your work the whole way through and it’ll take your forever to do anything as you try to please everyone, and as they say in the end please no one, least of which yourself. Just write what you feel, what you think, and what you want to express be it music or a blog. The honesty that comes through will be enough to win people over, even the people who don’t care for what you’ve written. Honesty in writing of any kind breeds respect, and that’s hard to come by in life.

So again to all of you I say….. thanks…… --cheers

"Fast magic"
Composed, arranged, & performed by Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)

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