Profile description of Funny Farm:

I was born without normal skills. All i wanted to do was listening to the fresh music,
Radio Luxembourg. Thats where all new kinds of music was discovered by me. And after my mum told me goodnight. I turned on my tiny radio/cassette recorder under the sheets. I made cutted up mix-tapes and listened closely to it while the hours drifted away. There was odd sounds coming more and more. It was from machines called Synthesizers. It changed my head space totally. I was in love.
We used to practice beat-mixing at the local youth center. Loud as hell, boom boom! With crappy record players that made the needle jump every time we touched the wAx.. Impossible to do shit. But we was on fire and rocked it out to the max.

    0:00   Compass - Messinger
    36:00   Summe - Schleife XII
    52:40   Richard Bartz - Voyager
    1:03:00   Black Strobe - Nazi Trance Fuck Off! (Remixed by James Holden)
    1:06:20   Silent Servant - Mechanics of Emotion
    2:38:00   Advanced Dreams - 2am
    2:45:40   Cassegrain - Kor

    Dub Techno
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