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I was born without ANY normal skills. Ill i wanted to do was to listen to music,
Radio Luxembourg... Thats where all new kinds of music was played first.
And after my mom told me "goodnight" I turned on my tiny radio/cassette recorder under the sheets. I made mix-tapes and listened concentrated to all new sounds flowing out from the studios around the globe. Music is constantly evolving, transforming into new shapes. By the god´s gifted music innovators.
There was a new sound never heard before coming from machines called Synthesizers.It changed everything. The new craze was Synth. At the same time Americans developed new genres like Hip-Hop & Electro.
After some time it was all about American dance music for me. The futuristic, drummachine, synth based Electro sounds was a bit scary in a luscious way.
I spent all my money on 12ínch American vinyl. I wanted to be a DJ. Just like Grand Master Flash.
We used to practice beat-mixing at the local youth center. Loud as hell with crap record players (DUAL) that made the needle jump every time we touched the record. Impossible to do shit.
Now i´m collecting mp3´s And i dont miss carrying vinyl around on busses and endless stairs. I cant hear the difference between mp3 (cd-quality) and a proper 12ínch vinyl. Sorry! :)

    0:00   Compass - Messinger
    36:00   Summe - Schleife XII
    52:40   Richard Bartz - Voyager
    1:03:00   Black Strobe - Nazi Trance Fuck Off! (Remixed by James Holden)
    1:06:20   Silent Servant - Mechanics of Emotion
    2:38:00   Advanced Dreams - 2am
    2:45:40   Cassegrain - Kor
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