Eins, zwei polizei-modo 9A
I just cant get enough-depeche mode 9B
Instant moments-R.o.o.s 9A
The party-Kraze 9A
Dont you want me-human league 8A
Its my life-dr alban 8A
Party people /wtf-Gary Chaos / da bop 7A
Bitch-dave mc cullen 7A
Lola”s theme-shapeshifters 6A
Weekend-todd Terry project 5A
Disco inferno-Trammps 5A
Fireball-Pitbull 4A
Put your hands up in the air-black and white brothers 5A
The roof is on fire-too kool kris 4A
Get down-Paul johnson 4A
Temperature-Sean Paul 3A

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