Thanks to all of the great producers who made these tracks, remixes & my oldschool days so funkin' entertaining. I am glad I had an opportunity to pay a little tribute to those trail blazers with this one... Southside Reverb, Mike & Charlie via Sharaz, CEO via Lee Coombs & D-Twins, Icee, Dj Stew, Edge Factor, Montana Rangers, Uberzone, Arman Van Helden, Headrillaz, Sandy, Scott Infiniti, Rick West (RIP), Trip Theory (Keith/Dan/DannyB), and of course that closer to close all closers RITM's OBEvDavid Christophere's Out of Piano Experience))) )))))Thanks again everyone for all of the great feedback, and for keepin' it oldschool. & a big shout to my P.I.C. Scott DJ Chronic for helping me dig up a few of these tracks in quality condition. This completes my Funky Flavor Trifecta, & like I said in my comment on the Cognitive page, I wish I had an unlimited time frame to work with because I left a few off the mix that I wish I could have had in there (R-Fresh, Rob E, Prizm, Baby Anne, & a few more) but I guess that leaves me room for the next FF/Oldschool that I do...


  1. Southside Reverb – Here We Go (Electro Mix)
  2. Mike & Charlie – I Get Live (Sharaz Remix)
  3. Criminal Elements Orchestra – Put The Needle On The Record (Lee Coombs & Drummatic Twins Mix)
  4. DJ Icee – We Do It Like This
  5. DJ Icey – Come Into My House
  6. DJ Icey – Like That
  7. DJ Icey – The Light
  8. Dj Stew – Ghetto Funk Baby
  9. Edge Factor – Smoke Weed
  10. Montana Rangers – This Is How My Drummer Drums
  11. Uberzone – Synthetik
  12. Arman Van Helden – Ultrafunkula
  13. Headrillaz – How It Is (Tsunami One Remix)
  14. AGH – Yummy! (Dj Sandy Mix)
  15. Willie Mix & Darryl Nutt – Without You (Infiniti Remix)
  16. Rick West – Inside Your Soul (Infiniti Remix)
  17. Trip Theory – Acid People
  18. Trip Theory – Keep Steppin
  19. Trip Theory – Times Up (The Bomb Remix)
  20. Trip Theory – To Those DJs
  21. Rabbit In The Moon – OBE x Out Of Piano Expiereince (David Christopher) (Killa Closer)
    41:40   Mc Mario - Armand Van Helden's Sampleslaya - Ultrafunkula
    1:02:40   Trip Theory - Keep Steppin'
    1:05:20   Trip Theory - Times Up (The Bomb Remix)
    1:16:00   Rabbit In The Moon - Decade

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