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Thanks for reading this and visiting my page.I have a pretty wide selection of styles and genres that I work in, so if you don't like the first track or 2 you hear, give a few more a try and I imagine you'll find something of value in the pile.I always appreciate your thoughts on my music, so please feel free to leave comments. I also accept any kinds of feedback/critique, my art grows better and stronger from it.If you ask me to comment on your track (that is unreleased), be ready for the possibility of 'feedback' - not ego-stroking.I'm not attacking you or trying to embarrass you.I'm seriously trying to help your mix/song reach another level, so if you have thin skin about your art/track/music, you may not want to directly ask me to listen/comment. That said, keep in mind it's based entirely on my opinion/experience only, and that's really not worth that much, but I thought it was fair to say this as a few people have gotten offended when I didn't just put "great track" in their timed comments. Honestly, most of the time I only mention what I really like or make mix suggestions, I can see the beauty in everyone's self expression.

Btw, the term "WIP" means it is a work in progress. These are the developing tracks that I can use feedback on the most.
p.s. If you should want a a mp3 of anything, just ask. Don't rip a lousy copy when you can easily get a hi-res version.
As Always, thanks for listening.

All of the artwork featured on this page are by myself and/or my close friends. A particular shout out to C. Common ( ) and Lacy Van Court for letting me use their images or letting me edit their images.

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