Profile description of Javi Sego:

-The passion for music of Javier Segovia comes from very young, with eight years longer listening to Depeche Mode, the cult German techno and 80s. In the early 90s in Valencia there was the busiest clubbing of Spain called Ruta Destroy, nightclubs calls spook Factory, Heaven, Limit Local and especially the Chocolate disco. All those years of musical boom in Valencia scored much Javier Segovia. In 2001 he won a radio contest and was awarded a mixer and two turntables. It was the beginning of Javi Sego. His first set was in 2003 at a private party, until 2014 all sets were in many private parties, he did not have in mind being a professional dj. In 2014 I pipe the first set in a nightclub called Infinity and was started as a professional dj. His musical influences mainly come from the Chocolate disco in Valencia and hard scene in central Europe. Hardstyle, jumpstyle, hard trance and hard house are the styles used at its most but they are not the only ones used. Javi Sego sets are characterized mainly by dark, strong and sound quality but also has a great ability to adapt to play any style that is demanded in the electronic club music.
Currently, he is more focused on Techno and has been producing music for a year.

    • Type: Podcast
    • 129 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Valencia, España
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