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    The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music by Jared Kong
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Here's a mix that I've put together while in Switzerland - the hills are alive... with the Sound of Music :D

Something a little different to what I usually play out but inspired by the more proggy stuff that I've been listening to of late. Hope you enjoy this one!



    0:00   Rodriguez Jr. - Mistral : Mistral
    7:20   Da Luka - Rainbow (Alex Vidal Remix]
    26:00   Imran Khan - Buenos Aires (Original Mix]
    32:40   John Graham - Call
    37:40   Ewan Rill & Sam Scheme - Type R (Bablak Remix]
    42:40   Sailor & I - Letters
    49:00   Four to the Floor 07 - Africa
    1:03:20   Rufus - Innerbloom
    1:09:40   Johannes Brecht - Voix Grave - Johannes Brecht Version

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