How to Quit Smoking Using Vape - An Effective Strategy If the device and liquid for electronic cigarettes are selected, the will is gathered into a fist and you yourself are determined to finally give up the notorious "cancer sticks", it's time to figure out what strategy you will have to follow in the coming months in order to painlessly quit smoking and not return to cigarettes again. In this sense, you can ask about the experience of those who have already successfully quit smoking with vape products, since nowadays they have the opportunity to share their techniques on numerous specialized sites and forums. However, there is also a general strategy that vapers find suitable for most. It looks pretty simple.

Swing The first phase of quitting cigarettes by vaping looks like a mixed cycle, sometimes called wobbling. During this period, the main task is to psychologically wean oneself from the traditional ceremony of smoking ordinary cigarettes, developing a new habit - vaping. And if you listened to your body and mind, you are sure that you are ready to give up traditional cigarettes, start replacing harmful smoking with vape as much as possible. This stage lasts from one to two weeks.

Experienced people argue that at this stage, you should radically limit yourself to smoking as much as possible and not allow yourself to smoke more than 2-3 regular cigarettes a day. The rest of the time, the traditional absorption of tobacco smoke should be replaced by vaping. It is at this stage that liquids with the highest nicotine content are used: 6-12 mg / ml on the device with a cigarette puff, and 1.5-3 mg / ml - with a free or hookah puff. At the first stage, the taste and aroma of the liquid is best chosen from tobacco lines.

Renouncement Despite the seeming complexity of the first stage, the desire to smoke arises precisely at the second, more prolonged stage, which should be marked by a complete rejection of cigarettes. This stage lasts for a month, although sometimes it can last much longer. Its main feature is a complete transition to vape. From now on, the electronic cigarette should be the only way to deliver nicotine to the lungs and body. And any emerging desire to light a cigarette should be replaced by a puff from your favorite vape device.

The difficulty of this stage lies in the fact that before you finally quit smoking with vaping, you will have to gradually abandon any signs of vaping associated with cigarettes and tobacco. Firstly, this applies to all the same liquids - the nicotine content in them at the second stage should be reduced by at least two times, and closer to the end, the liquid used should not be stronger than 1.5 mg / ml. Secondly, you will have to gradually move away from the main association with cigarettes - tobacco taste. Now in the "diet" of the bather should be present confectionery, tonic and unobtrusive fruit aromas. The fact that this stage has been successfully passed will be evidenced by the lack of craving for regular cigarettes, even though the level of nicotine in the liquid you use has dropped to the maximum limit, or even to zero.

Throwing At the final stage, the final throwing takes place. And, no matter how strange it may sound, some vapers who have gone through the entire procedure consider this stage the simplest, while others, on the contrary, call it the most difficult. It will be about finally achieving a reduction in the nicotine content in liquids to zero and completely switching to vaping nicotine-free liquids. Having passed this path completely, you will be able to independently answer yourself the question of whether it is possible to quit smoking with the help of a vape. Of course, with sufficient perseverance and desire, the answer will certainly be in the affirmative.

Once your e-liquids kit is empty of nicotine, you can responsibly declare to everyone around you that you have quit smoking completely. Well, then you have to choose from the simple: whether to remain a vape user and occasionally delight yourself with delicious fragrant steam, or send your device to the shelf, completely ceasing to use anything. Still, as you know, even the vaping of nicotine-free liquids does not bring any benefit, and there is harm, albeit insignificant, in this.

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