Profile description of James sysense DeRosier:

Sysense started doing this type of thing when he was sixteen and was having a very difficult time in his life and was contemplating taking his life. He remembers walking into a dance club in Houston, Tx and hearing The Smith’s – How Soon Is Now and watching the people on the dance floor react and move to what the Dj was doing. Sysense was amazed at how much fun the people were having and seeing the smiles that were across their faces.

At that moment Sysense knew what he wanted to do .He wanted to make people happy and have them forget their problems even if for just a little while.

Sysense went out and bought turntables, some records, and started teaching him self how to blend the songs together. Sysense knew nothing about what I was doing and could not beat-match to save his life.

Thankfully, he had met a Dj that took him under his wing and began teaching him the basics of beat-matching, blending, and the proper use of a mixer. Sysense then started listening to mix tapes of other Dj’s to get more of a understanding of what was happening and the journey they were trying to convey through music.

Sysense remembers that he would practice all the time, recording everything that he did on whatever medium there was available at that time, tape machine, reel to reel, and the old trusty VCR, which was his favorite recording method of them all. This allowed him to hear the good along with bad (and there was more bad then good) and to hone his skills even more.

Sysense was now ready to take his message to the masses and let them be part of his journey.

He started playing live at a little bar/club that had a small but loyal following of electronic music. The people were very forgiving of his mistakes and allowed Sysense the room to grow his skills even more. Sysense continued to spin at that bar and for that owner for about 10yrs and Sysense thanks him to this day for being patient and giving him the opportunity.

The rest of the story is pretty much ancient history, as Sysense now looks forward to taking the next steps to bring his message and journey to even more people around the globe.

And a quick final note from Sysense:

I hope that over the years I have done what I intended to do, and also maybe helped someone along the way just as the music and that Dj did for me so many years ago.

The term – Last Night A Dj Saved My Life – is true in every aspect for me.

I hope that we can keep spreading the vibe of love and good music around the world and beyond.


  • James Sysense DeRosier.
    • 145 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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