Profile description of JAJ (Vibez 2 Da Core):

Happy Hardcore DJ // Justice Hardcore Sponsored DJ
Within the last couple of years, JAJ has helped bring back the happy vibes! Having been featured in many online radio shows and collaborated alongside well-known djs through 7D The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria and his current show on, Vibez 2 Da Core, JAJ has been able to spread his name throughout the hardcore community. Coming from San Diego, California, he is one of the few djs representing the happy hardcore scene locally and continues to help promote labels and djs from around the world. He is also part of Kikwear's National Street Team and a sponsored dj from US label, Justice Hardcore, supporting and promoting Kikwear's rave clothing and the sounds of Justice Hardcore in Southern California.

Vibez 2 Da Core was started up by California-based DJ, JAJ, in 2013. First starting off on Digitally Imported FM radio (Di.Fm), he played one hour non-stop music monthly. As the show began to attract hardcore lovers all around the globe, he moved his show to Radio in 2014, and currently stands as its home. V2DC was then transformed into a biweekly radio show, with a special guest dj every other week. Since then, there has been numerous amounts of radio guests dj's from that have taken over V2DC for over a year. Reaching episode 50 in 2016, there will be much more music, guest djs, and happy vibes.

Guest DJs on Vibez 2 Da Core:
Bananaman & Gisbo (UK)
MJ & Camo (UK)
Dj ViperStar (Singapore)
DJ D-tor (USA)
T-Mension (Germany)
Riche (UK)
Miguel Kore (France)
S3RL (Australia)
XAVI BCN (Spain)
Ranzor (Australia)
M-Project (Japan)
Shimotsukei (USA)
Eufeion (UK)
T-TY & Kulleré (Spain)
Al Storm (UK)
Nikky Cream (Germany)
DJ Brady (UK)
Ultravibes (Germany)
Aki (Japan)
Steve Heller (UK)
Instigate (UK)
Jordesuvi (UK)
DUNE (Germany)
Happy Daze (USA)
Linur (Russia)
Rainyrhy (Singapore)
Summa Jae (Australia)
Chris Ross (UK)
Sharkboy (USA)
Nuton (UK)
Hellfury (Austria)
Daniel Seven (Italy)
Billy Jump (UK)
Abitan (Japan)
Jason Bouse (USA)
DJ Depath (Japan)
Mitomoro (USA)
Skinny (UK)
DJ Force [from Force & Styles] (UK)
Smartyz (Canada)
QarlwithaQ (USA)
Haze (Australia)
Yorkshire Ripper (UK)

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