This is Draw The Line Radio Show with Jacki-e, featuring my mix in the 1st hr of music made by women and then, for the 2nd hr, I hand the decks over to a female DJ.

Helping me Draw The Line this week it's Ellie who’s from Russia and is now based in Athens. She learnt to DJ 2 years ago and last year she began her own weekly radio show on Her mixes have appeared on Fnoob Techno Radio, Di.FM, Quest Radio and many others.

Links for Ellie:-

In my mix in the first hour I’m playing tracks by Deborah de Luca, Rebekah, Sara Simonit, Demah, Arrosa and lots more.

It's time to say NO to gender imbalance in dance music. It's time to Draw The Line!!

Track list
1st hour mixed by Jacki-E

  1. Deborah de Luca – Deeper (original mix) Sola Mentte.
  2. Donna Marie – Hallucinate (original mix) Zephyr Music Records.
  3. Lisa Lashes – Hey Yeah (original mix) Intec.
  4. Paula Cazenave – Crickets on Crack (original mix) Combine Audio.
  5. Salvo Zeta, Lady Maru – The Age of Punkrage (original mix) Mephyst.
  6. Sara Simonit - Evolution (original mix) Tronic.
  7. Deborah de Luca – Let Me Some (original mix) Sola Mentte.
  8. Newa – Artificial (original mix) Klockworks.
  9. Amelie Lens – Higher (Fjaak remix) Lenske.
  10. Kiara (It) – Absolution (Anetha remix) Unum Records.
  11. Arrosa – You are inviting them to come and find you (original mix) The Hiddens.
  12. Julia Govor, Barbara Ford – Anything to Fill the Void (original mix) Anagram Records.
  13. Gianfanco Dimilto, Mikel SM, Tony Puglia – Delirium (Demah remix) SMR Undergound.
  14. Miss Adk – Hexadecimal (Alum Suttur remix) Ghost Program.
  15. Deborah de Luca – I Believe (Dandi & Ugo, Steve Soprani remix) Sola Mente.
  16. Rebekah – Eighties With You (original mix) Soma.
  17. Anetha – Endless Sea (original mix) Blocaus.
  18. Amelie Lens – L’Obscurité (original mix) Lenske.
  19. Niels van Gogh – Pulvertrum (Denise Schneider remix) Kosmo Records.
  20. AK Sports – A Flash Storm (Aisha remix) Gallery Recordings.

2nd hour:-
Ellie - An Exclusive Guest Mix for Draw The Line Radio Show.

  1. LX4 – Backbone (original mix) O’Clock Portugal.
  2. Dotdat - Encapsulate (original mix) KSR.
  3. Pol ParaÌso - Epopeya (original mix) Drama BCN.
  4. Jokasti - Terr Atcha (original mix) Prodigal Son.
  5. Vincent de Wit - Space Mountain (Miller & Keane remix) Audiosculpture.
  6. Sculpturism - Electribes (Sculpturism remix) Audiosculpture.
  7. Pol ParaÌso - Medusa ft. Feo Messy (original mix) Drama BCN.
  8. Miller & Keane - Instytut Energetyki (Vincent de Wit remix) Audiosculpture.
  9. Morsil - Out There (original mix) O’Clock Portugal.
  10. Decoder - Stress of Knowing (original mix) Decoder.
  11. Pol ParaÌso - Atenea (original mix) Drama BCN.
  12. Jokasti - Regrets (original mix) Prodigal Son.
  13. Katlbume - Only Tough People Last (original mix) KR Records.
  14. Aahan - Where All Roads Lead (original mix) Dstm.

Draw The Line Radio Show is produced for radio by Sergio Erridge and is A Darker Wave production.

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