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    20211113 Here's some Techno to cheer you up_Irvin Cee 320kbit/s

    20211113 Here's some Techno to cheer you up_Irvin Cee by Irvin Cee
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20211113 Here's some Techno to cheer you up by Irvin Cee
Release date: 2021/11/13

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Looking for the Perfect Beat is Irvin Cee's weekly radio show with the best and newest club music on the globe since 2014.
A various mix of Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno, and Hard Techno is beat mixed in such a slick way it will take you to new heights of musical experience and you feel trapped to dance until the very end of the show.
The show is first mixed and recorded with music only. The hosting is added in a later stage, you can find the finished show on several mixtape hosting sites.
The full length and non-hosted versions are available on select platforms in video and audio format.

Irvin Cee is available for International bookings at Clubs, Festivals en Quality bars.
More info? booking@irvincee.com

Video recording:
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Time +/- : Num. - Title - Release [Label] (*time is +/- mix in time)
00:00:00 - Soulstice (Alberto Ruiz 80Monster Remix) - Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15759151

00:05:12 - One Chance (Original Mix) - Dzhura
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15109102

00:10:07 - Chainlink (Original Mix) - Durtysoxxx
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15633343

00:15:32 - Let Me Feel You Desire (Original Mix) - Freiheit, Different Twins, Aconytich
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15418794

00:19:10 - Plus (Extended Version) - Lazar (IT), Sisko Electrofanatik
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14882017

00:22:25 - I Just Want You (Koen Groeneveld Remix) - Lyrek, Koen Groeneveld
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14718710

00:27:20 - Collision (Original Mix) - Dok & Martin
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14490085

00:29:51 - Stimulant X (Original Mix) - Xenia (UA)
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14636721

00:33:36 - Immortal Beings (VSK Remix) - Boyd Schidt, Strathy
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15281079

00:37:48 - Appearance (Original Mix) - Pfirter
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15581144

00:40:04 - Outspread (Original Mix) - Axel Karakasis
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15612398

00:43:59 - Consciousness (Marcal Remix) - Ackermann
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14747355

00:46:59 - Murder In A Rave (Original Mix) - Kevin Call
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14503685

00:50:49 - Checkmate (Original Mix) - Phil Berg
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15689207

00:52:45 - Melting Shadow (Original Mix) - SveTec
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15785342

00:57:10 - Back To The Dark (Alexia K. Remix) - Ayako Mori
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15670233

00:59:45 - Der Teufel (Gazometer '98 Mix) - DLV
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15543237

01:03:24 - Sonica (Original Mix) - Stef Mendesidis
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15687010

01:07:07 - Pusher (Sebastian Groth Remix) - Nico Kolbe
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14956192

01:09:11 - Axt (Original Mix) - Allan pillai
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15495896

01:12:47 - Object 0982 (Flug Remix) - MODIG
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15658285

01:16:12 - Truth of Existence (Original Mix) - NØRBAK, Pfirter
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14965125

01:20:13 - Not The End But A Change (Original Mix) - Temudo
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14429268

01:23:15 - 177Z (Original Mix) - Maral Salmassi
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14416744

01:26:23 - Bunk Up (Original Mix) - Odic Force
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14847600

01:30:12 - Black Reigns (Original Mix) - A. Mochi
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/3194526

01:33:13 - Fortuna (Original Mix) - Alex Brend
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/10958629

01:36:15 - Octagon (Original Mix) - Twist3d
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/7526810

01:39:43 - Machine Gun (Giorgio Rusconi Remix) - Danny Fontana
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/5820252

01:43:42 - Structure (Original Mix) - Drumcell; Brian Sanhaji
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/3333732

01:47:55 - Dirty (Original Mix) - Johannes Heil,Len Faki
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/4838169

01:50:39 - Shapeshifter (Original Mix) - Luix Spectrum, Matt Mus
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/7308851

01:54:02 - Dark Matter (Original Mix) - 2nd Phase
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/8527588

01:57:28 - Anger (Original Mix) - 2bee
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/9805355

02:00:58 - Space Parade (Dok & Martin Remix) - DJ Murphy, Dolby D
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12076443

02:03:52 - Parnopes Grandior (Original Mix) - Marco Raineri
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12457789

02:07:06 - Insect Society (Original Mix) - Jan Fleck
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/5593052

02:09:24 - Omen (Original Mix) - The Advent; Jason Fernandes
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/3501858

02:12:32 - Bum Fight (Original Mix) - Joseph Dalik
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/5046115

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