• Irvin Cee
    4hour Live set at Bar Nine Leuven (20211029) - Live DJ Set by Irvin Cee 320kbit/s

    4hour Live set at Bar Nine Leuven (20211029) - Live DJ Set by Irvin Cee by Irvin Cee
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Live set at Bar Nine Leuven (20211029) by Irvin Cee
Release date: 2021/10/29

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Looking for the Perfect Beat is Irvin Cee's weekly radio show with the best and newest club music on the globe since 2014.
A various mix of Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno, and Hard Techno is beat mixed in such a slick way it will take you to new heights of musical experience and you feel trapped to dance until the very end of the show.
The show is first mixed and recorded with music only. The hosting is added in a later stage, you can find the finished show on several mixtape hosting sites.
The full length and non-hosted versions are available on select platforms in video and audio format.

Irvin Cee is available for International bookings at Clubs, Festivals en Quality bars.
More info? booking@irvincee.com

Video recording:
Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=hrA--AoJnX8
Facebook: facebook.com/IrvinCee/videos/1...132731555740452

Time +/- : Num. - Title - Release [Label] (*time is +/- mix in time)
00:00:00 - Teardrop (Bowtie & Kaan Edit) - Massive Attack
00:01:22 - Jack Had The Groove (Original Mix) - La-African Musique
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13056082

00:06:15 - Kalifornien Luv (Original Mix) - Till Von Sein
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14841341

00:11:10 - Second Sun (Extended Mix) - Nils Hoffmann, Ben Bohmer, Nils Hoffmann & Ben Böhmer
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12950759

00:16:22 - Black Jack (Original Mix) - Deep House
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13188926

00:17:50 - Only Soul (Original Mix) - Deep House
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13188914

00:20:16 - Hopeless (JT Donaldson Remix) - Dirtytwo
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13280480

00:24:27 - All Night (Original Mix) - Art Of Tones
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15659766

00:27:26 - Disco Biscuit (Original Mix) - Sartorial
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14170126

00:31:13 - Be a Star Tonight (Extended Mix) feat. D-Train (Original Mix) - Cool Million, D-Train
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14457564

00:35:26 - It's A Shame (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Paul Parsons
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14149081

00:36:52 - Every Breath You Take (Original Mix) - Luca Debonaire
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14351911

00:40:34 - Hands Together (Jackin House Mix) - Discotron, HP Vince
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14529270

00:44:49 - Love Enough (Original Mix) - Foo Funkers
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14767421

00:47:41 - Symphonia (Original Mix) - Fellous, DCP
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14617928

00:52:20 - My Feet Keep Dancin' (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Paul Parsons
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14136900

00:55:36 - Feel The Love (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14781807

00:59:34 - It's Like That (Alternative Mix) - 2Lovers
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14675694

01:01:39 - The Funk Hustle (Original Mix) - Joey Chicago
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15629473

01:06:25 - Play Da Funk (Original Mix) - KPD, Juarez
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15629549

01:08:36 - Good Vibration (Original Mix) - Dompe
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13001193

01:11:32 - Bouncin' (Extended Mix) - Dennis Quin, Mr. V
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14553658

01:15:14 - Rhymes Against Humanity (Original Mix) - Hatiras
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15278146

01:19:08 - Get More (Original Mix) - Nic Joseph
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15604991

01:22:42 - Always (Extended) - Waze & Odyssey, Tommy Theo
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12867526

01:26:19 - All Your Love (Mattei & Omich Remix) - Ridney, Laura Vane, Jayefel
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15792611

01:31:27 - Keeping Me Up (Original Mix) - 9th House
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14272588

01:34:15 - We Are On The Move (Shur-i-kan Dub Mix) - Erro, Phonte, Zo!
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13931061

01:38:50 - Vei (Original Mix) - Travertia
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13507235

01:44:43 - Burning Side (Original Mix) - Mendo
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15036349

01:48:01 - Summertime Chi (Original Mix) - Lee Foss, Hayley May, John Summit
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14038450

01:51:17 - The Mazzo (Extended Mix) - Qubiko, Angelo Ceci
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14880437

01:53:58 - The Devil's Hand (Original Mix) - J Paul Getto
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14429175

01:57:44 - Feeling Groovy (Extended Mix) - Matteo Dentone
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14870308

02:00:06 - Never Good (Extended Mix) - DJ Dove
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15451765

02:04:50 - Afrotech (Extended Mix) - Erick Morillo, Antranig
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12933347

02:09:21 - Havana (Original Mix) - Adapter
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13219279

02:13:25 - EL PARQUE (Original Mix) - Dario Nunez
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14530537

02:16:47 - Cerda (Original Mix) - Iglesias, Ben Cheel
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13159655

02:19:35 - Chants (Original Mix) - Rafa Barrios
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13467977

02:25:16 - Move It (Extended Mix) - Junior Sanchez, DJ Boris
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14387404

02:27:50 - Space Riot (Extended Mix) - Shadow Child
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13081562

02:31:31 - That's My Things (Original Mix) - Gianfranco Troccoli, Rojabeat
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15685618

02:36:15 - Paradiso (Original Mix) - Italobros
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15516098

02:40:40 - Sometimes (Extended Mix) - Martin Ikin
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15449571

02:43:26 - Funk (Niceteed 'Acid Gift' Remix) - Bastien Groove
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12950684

02:47:19 - Tutti Frutti (Original Mix) - Lenner
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13317449

02:50:52 - I C U (Original Mix) - Qubiko
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/10178320

02:53:27 - Rainbow feat. Xoli M (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix) - Black Motion, Xoli M
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/8862441

02:57:34 - I Need A Painkiller (Armand Van Helden Vs. Butter Rush / MK Extended Mix) - Armand Van Helden, Butter Rush
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/10545508

03:01:36 - Body Roots (Extended Mix) - Marco Lys
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14039966

03:04:46 - U Can't Hide (Original Mix) - The House Moguls
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/1928303

03:07:45 - Everybody Dance - Leisuregroove, Kevin Andrews
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/1640866

03:10:07 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (WhiteNoize Remix) - Inner Life
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/3917183

03:14:04 - Bad Feelings (Original Mix) - Eyes Faces
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15194498

03:17:11 - Burnin'side (Original Mix) - Sebb Junior
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15214433

03:20:00 - Stronger (Extended Mix) - Amine Edge & DANCE
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13135164

03:22:23 - Creeps So Deep (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13084577

03:24:17 - Piano Life (Original Mix) - Paul Bleasdale, Mr Jay
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15700925

03:27:18 - Devotion (Block & Crown Club Mix) - Soulvation
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/12936117

03:30:25 - The Answer (feat. Arthur Baker, Victor Simonelli) (Extended Mix) - Armand Van Helden, Chris Lake
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/14530521

03:34:38 - Message (Original Mix) - Pinto (NYC)
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13221728

03:36:50 - Don't You Want Me (Hannah Wants Extended Remix) - Felix
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13984915

03:39:31 - Heater (Original Mix) - Hot Since 82
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15388841

03:42:02 - Where I Want 2 B (Extended Mix) - CID
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15525668

03:45:23 - Someday (Roland Leesker Extended Liquid Harmony Remix) - CeCe Rogers
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13379962

03:48:55 - Promises (Original Mix) - slickfader
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/15445900

03:56:48 - Release Me (feat. Rationale) (Extended Mix) - Billon, Rationale
Buy on Beatport: beatport.com/track/-/13062839

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