Profile description of Casual Suspekt aka Golgotha:

Head of the Facial Ejak and Konflikt underground collective in Belgium, Jeff aka Casual Suspekt aka Golgotha along with his legion of DJs and followers have been involved organizing really good parties in Belgium for many years now.
He has been mixing vinyl for over 20 years and cross overs into many different styles, his true passion being of course hardcore which completes our DJ rosta very nicely, fans of Structural Damage who have been with us since the very beginning will enjoy his mixtapes as we put them out for you over the coming months.

    11:40   Sebastian Prelar - Bomp It Up
    15:40   Panzer Knacker - DJ Rush Remix
    19:20   Sebastian Prelar - Pop Your Booty Out
    22:40   Mike Dearborn - Jaws
    26:40   Sebastian Prelar - Pump That Shit
    56:20   Jeff Mills - Berlin

    Techno, chicago techno
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