Proudly presentIng #004 of the IN:DEEP UP:NEXT Podcast Series. Packed wth alot of forthcoming tunes and inclined with a "geestmix" from New Zealand's SYMTM!

Tracklist Phlage:

Beetroots - Till Depth Do Us Part [TDP011]
DarkMan & Peeb - What is Love [IN:DEEP Dub]
Transparent - Fuckhead [Dub]
Crimson - Cannibal [SCULTDIG023]
Menticide & Demgone - Construct [CYC010]
Shiva - She Walks In The Fire (Revolver & Leona Remix)[3SFFR0060]
Fre4knc - Pollock [Freebee]
Phentix feat. Kinetical - Chemical Reaction [IN:DEEP Dub]
Internal - Ill Try [TESFRDL009]
iBstract - Ten Hours [IN:DEEP008]
SYMTM - Resolve [IN:DEEPFREE006]
D Flect - Beast's Den [IN:DEEP008]
Kritix - Into The Deep [MYN006]
The Four Tops - Nobody Else (Fujin Remix) [IN:DEEP Dub]

Tracklist SYMTM Guestmix [28:40]:

Third Law - Restless [XIV006]
Detail & Against - Probel Man [SYMM021]
D Flect - Beast Den [IN:DEEP008]
DJ Hazard - Time Trippin [PLAYAZ038D]
Dub Motion - Warning [TITAN022]
SPY - Mucky Business [NHS260BP]
M-Soul & S27 & Mombosh - As I Drift [Flexout Dub]
Wingz - Deceive [IN:DEEPFREE002]
Phentix ft Kinetical - Chemical Reaction [IN:DEEP Dub]
SubMarine - 15 Knots [10091114]
Fixate - Pum Pum [GSTEP003]
Phentix - Storm (SYMTM Remix) [IN:DEEP Dub]
Fre4knc & Mongoose - This Misery [CRITSYS002]
Arkaik & MC XL - Isolate [FLXA048]
SYMTM - The Settler [IN:DEEP Dub]
Emphasis ft. Univariable - Silk Walk [IN:DEEP009]
iBstract - Ten Hours [IN:DEEP008]
Vince Grain - Laska [IN:DEEP009]
Discord - Almost [IN:DEEP009]

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